You have to pay attention to the details of the project site before the operation of

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third: the first don’t put money too much

: first consider the good website space and operating the project, to avoid the mistakes of

in the choice of the project, many friends will think more popular projects will make more money, so they blindly follow. In fact, I think, just entering the industry in new time should not choose a popular project, popular project competition, often can make you lose your confidence, and fight. The couple should choose some more small projects have the potential to do, such as capital strength Many a little make a mickle., then do a hot item is a wise choice.

began operating a website from 2008, imperceptibly to now it has been more than 5 years, this 5 years experience is a lifetime can not forget this groundless talk. The author from the 5 years of experience in the operation of the site to experience pain and pleasure, more and more people are now looking at the influx of individual owners in this industry, the heart can not help but filled with a thousand regrets. As a passer-by, I want to be here and some new Adsense share their experience, but not to teach the posture, and you just want to couple exchange, and talk about the operation of the site, pay attention to the details of the project.

site space and operation of the project is a weapon website, is the so-called "to do good work, we must first of its profits", in the operation of the site before, choose your weapons to make you a better way to go after the wangzhuan. Many new Adsense friends in the early stage because of the lack of funds and experience, often choose some potential projects and not cheap space, in fact, this approach will give you website buried a curse.

second: not too much care about the details of the project

in the choice of a project, a lot of new friends will always think of my project, in the end how much money, what time can make money issues such as. In fact, "

, in the choice of space the author suggested that early do not just look at the price to choose space, no good cheap goods, especially some domestic space, too cheap often there will be a variety of problems. If the money is not much, you can choose some foreign space, the price is relatively high, and the quality is good.

project will be a lot of small details of the small, many of these small small details to consider too much. In the choice of projects, shilly-shally is a taboo. New Adsense may consider this project, some places may do a lot of trouble, or the project may and the place is not suitable and so on. In fact, these small details do not need to be too much, we do the project plays an active role, our purpose is to let people accept our project to our project to invest, rather than passively allow customers to adapt to our project. So, please discard those small details, put the guts to do, there will be a day of income.

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