Three examples to explain the rapid increase in the amount of included website skills

6 Sep 2017 admin


, improve the access speed of

site included quantity level is one of the owners must solve the problem of long tail keywords do optimization, after all the long tail keywords optimization is mainly to the inside pages, and if the inside pages are not even included words, how do the long tail keyword optimization. Moreover, with the home to do long tail keywords optimization is the feeling of nature but also because put fine timber to petty use, long tail keywords competition degree is not high, used to optimize the inside pages is the most appropriate. Of course, all of these needs to be established, to be included on the page. As for the website included quantity is actually within the page is to be included in the problem. Today I talk about how to quickly improve the website included quantity method, if the method is to be included within the pages.


believes that many webmaster speed and website space rankings included no direct relationship. In fact, this view is not correct, because the site can normal operation if the development is the most direct impact on the stability of space, if you can visit the web site, the spider crawling to the door is to grab the website content, the nature can not achieve the contents included. Not to mention the space not open or open the slow speed of user experience has a very large impact. As you visit other sites, each visit a page to wait for a few seconds or minutes, you will continue to wait for the page to open it? So, space access speed and stability of the spider and the user experience is very large, and the web page to be collected at the most at least to the spider crawling over the page can be included, in short, to improve the site included the amount of the first factor is to improve web space access speed, in general, the space access speed should not exceed 60MS, so we can use the PING command to test it.

, a website for a long time there will be invalid links and dead links, and the two link is very unfavorable for the spider web page, because the invalid links in fact it is only a link without the content page, we all know that spider crawling is the content, also grab invalid links and content, and the dead link itself does not exist, could not let the spider grab the. And these two links are most objectionable, in the spider crawling website so we improve website content, should be deleted or invalid link set 404 page can let the spider crawling to the invalid link back in the web site. We all know that 404 page can put some invalid links and dead links in a page, when users access to invalid links, through 404 pages that return to the site to read 404 pages and can let the spider crawl to the invalid link, through the 404 page feedback information website crawling back again. So, the page can be > 404


two, do 404 page setup

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