The whole flow of Shanghai dragon Er how to get rid of a lot of misunderstanding ranking

6 Sep 2017 admin

The second step:

want to do Shanghai dragon friends out of ranking errors today, from the perspective of the flow to the whole Shanghai Longfeng, rather than ranking. Shanghai dragon is a question of principle: for what? For a lot of traffic, in order to enough to clinch a deal, a lot of profit. For example, if now the center of our words does not rank, but a lot of traffic can be arrested, or traffic is not much, but a good deal, so good than those who didn’t flow, flow but no deal site

, oral, wrongly written statement, many people will be in the wrong spelling or five such words, keywords popular word also has underestimated the traffic.

in the competitor’s website and search engine drop-down box can be found in the core words, these are more popular word is a Web Center, but this is not hard to find.

related keyword collection

related issues, such as the collection of

before I do keywords blasting for clients the most basic idea is in accordance with the three steps:


actually started Shanghai dragon we all know this, but doing lost to ranked inside, make a good plan to improve the direction is very important, at least not lost. So how do we do not care about the specific ranking by Shanghai dragon to fix a lot of traffic? Many means, I will bring the three one of the most effective resolution:


, target customers will meet the requirement of related industries, such as the problems of finishing, decoration must buy cabinets, coffee table and other furniture the same reason.

related keywords collection are done by brainstorming, take a little, do the bidding or basic key expansion friends should understand, do these need to perform enough and many people thought there are some network related basis can fix.

1, blasting

core keywords finishing

Blasting > The first step: Keywords

do use the long tail keywords blasting precise words for traffic, still good content, high quality content around the key target customers need. Since the popular word strong competitiveness, the popular long tail keywords optimization to hold hands with muffled fortune, Why not?? a long tail word every day even if 5 people search, 10000 key words will flow 50000, according to the search engine of the new algorithm, the weight of the site traffic the evaluation of an important position. In another way, when the long tail word flow up, the user experience is good, the weight increased, the comprehensive evaluation of high, popular word you do not it is easier to optimize? Why a bar looking for hard nut bones. Since the ideas we talk about the important point, I started from the station at the beginning to talk about how to key words:

inclusion keywords

third step, really

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