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own experience of the compilation of articles for publication, the final results will be removed by other website links to the website openly overload, or through the pseudo original, cut down the middle for myself and a link to indicate the source is the site of the original article, if I saw such things in mind certainly not. Chong Shanghai also suffered so many times before the Dragon embarrassed environment, love the Shanghai search examination was transferred in an essay after submission, tempted to let myself feel sad. This Chong, Shanghai Longfeng proposal webmasters firmly maintain the original, fully respect the Shanghai dragon industry, respect for their labor, try not to essence of pseudo original other people and others will replace the link.

two, low quality links to avoid flooding

Many webmasters will be hard

Shanghai dragon is the webmaster do stand a very important thing, Shanghai dragon effect to a great extent to ensure their own site can survive. Shanghai dragon nearly 5 years of development, Shanghai dragon Chong found the original and the chain into the center of Shanghai dragon. While the number of Shanghai dragon Er to quick success in the first place, this is not desirable, we use insect insect Marketing Assistant to try to avoid bad ones? Below Chong Shanghai dragon with insect friends

A critical link in the construction of the chain

is Shanghai dragon Er, the chain of ranking plays a crucial effect, the webmaster should know. Many webmasters use tools for instant success, the chain group is so large chain, resulting in low quality links to flood. Chong Shanghai Longfeng think only high quality links to Shanghai dragon effect plays a surface promoting effect, low quality of the chain is also attributable to the Internet garbage, try to think of all of a sudden you in the forum are posting machine others announced advertising, outside the chain, you can barely afford? This forum has become a garbage dump. Now the baidu more and more intelligent, more weight chain forum message and signature form can bring more low, so not only can the chain of Shanghai dragon effect plays a promoting effect, which will make Baidu interested in the website not. So, Shanghai dragon Er researchers chain shall start the construction of high quality. Use insect insect marketing assistant how to construct the high quality chain, can find a "> www.chong Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 Information Center

, avoid the pseudo original flood

Baidu to determine a critical index of how a site is the quality of the site will be able to provide users with useful information, which is directly associated with the original. Many webmaster to make a false original, as the substance of the article as countless reads is not too smooth and the substance of the same pseudo original. These pseudo original readability is very poor and the substance of repetition, this does not bring new information, like the Internet garbage, it is necessary to pay attention to.

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