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finally set up a successful


wanted to be the webmaster, you must have one of their own website, "sh419 is the best teacher" this sentence has been circulated in the webmaster heap, I believe many grassroots teacher is sh419, I also, in your most vulnerable time, through the sh419 search for answers, even if not very detailed and fully comply with, can be of great help. I first know from sh419, enter "how to do web site", from which to see a blog program PJBlog, set up the site is very simple. Enter the PJBlog forum, these plates make me look extremely depressed, but. What style of what plug-ins were vague, finally see a "PJ-Blog" point in the download program, was also through the sh419 know some basic problems to the domain name and website, and the space program. Then, with the help of a friend, bought a domain name and a 3 yuan / month of the so-called "toll space."". That night, at 3, the site was finally set up, and I sent the first blog in my life. Now that site is gone, but the data is still there. I’ve always regarded it as a treasure collection. The first article is written like this:


was only a little better at midnight,

is not very funny? Even said he took the 200M server, in fact, now go back and look at my previous article, something that is not a meet, before some wrong ideas yourself will feel very funny. I often talk to some novice friends, it needs patience to do a website. I might as well do a blog to exercise my patience, update it every day, and wait for you to go slowly

The 200M server that

, I want to have a website of my own,

today from the sh419 alliance to see "union annals" can contribute information, feel that in the growth of the network, there are still some can write, write it out, we look at. First, let’s talk about what is a grassroots, according to sh419 encyclopedia explained: Grassroots representatives of such a group of people: they know that they are excellent, vision wider than others, the stage than other people. But they are simple, low-key, very love everyone around, not arrogant, very happy and proud. The network of grassroots popular speaking I think it should be summarized as: not majors in college, do not understand or know little about the network technology gradually in a group of people learning. This is my understanding of the word "grassroots". There are countless grassroots on the network, and in November 2007 I joined in the middle, from nothing to understand, began my webmaster career.

, however, the music enthusiast who founded the network has chosen to end his career in the music industry, regardless of how it works. For shrimp nets, this may mean a new beginning. I wish him the best of luck.

the founder of experienced users pay to download habits failure, independent music open letter, facing the copyright collective condemnation of the compromise, at a disadvantage, in the last 11 songs in a frame of copyright struggle in recent years.

Not long ago, a "

" and "Mi months pass Princess promotion" with LETV report Nora thing sensation, but it also makes people the popularity of a new term "IP". Unlike patents and copyrights, IP English is intellectual property, which is intended as "knowledge property ownership" or "intellectual property ownership"". It’s hot, in fact, with more and more people are now paying more attention to intellectual property rights are closely related. IP may be a new idea of carrying various tools such as Lego, may also be a traditional such as Songkran, more likely to be an organization or tradition such as the Mensa and the boy scouts of America BSA.


Title: personal blog blog at

!"Some industries are doomed to die," said Wang Hao, founder of

‘s shrimp music. "I’ll just wait until he’s nirvana."."

managed to do well at three o’clock in the middle of the night,

the current online music industry generally facing the problem of building business models, for the future of small shrimp, Ali music CEO Song Ke in an interview when he said that the Tencent of science and technology, the future will focus on the small shrimp player, everyday sounds will do more to try. Shrimp also in the edge of Ali music in the position, perhaps for these unfortunate circumstances, letting go is the best choice.

took yesterday wanted to be blogging, using

got it and found it was very simple.

really tired out, the brain is full of program installation,

is really difficult, network speed is not good,

how does it work? Answer: roughly according to the novel – TV movie screenwriter – audio-visual publications – Games – Animation – – around – Star Doll – fans – community process, the game is the fastest way of realization, before 2015 20 almost all popular IP involved in the game, as follows:

walked alone in the cold air on Saturday night and watched the shops on both sides of the street reflect the warm lights in the window. Indeed, a cup of hot tea or coffee is not enough to make an excuse for heating. At this time, the right rear suddenly came to Hongkong golden age of the song, with a window hanging in the TV play, which can not see the singer bare teeth. The doings of ghosts and gods, could not help but walk. After all, the whole experience of the Walkman, -CD-MP3-MP4- mobile phone itself has long abandoned the initial quiet sit down to listen to a song habits, commercial downtown actually still has a video store?!

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