How to set up the foreign trade of Shanghai Dragon Team

5 Sep 2017 admin

as the saying goes, a sheep led by wolves win by a wolf leading sheep, so that the leader is the key to. Want to build a good Shanghai Longfeng optimization team, a good leader of Shanghai dragon is essential. Then the leader at least the following essential skills or skills. Familiar with the first second English, familiar with the popular English search engine algorithm, characteristics, content to etc.. Third familiar with all kinds of advanced search command syntax. Have some links to resources. Fourth, with experience and team management experience in the industry, it is best to have a certain visibility of the industry.

and the Internet industry development more and more people began to get involved in the foreign trade industry, but not all understand and optimize the foreign trade of Shanghai dragon. Recently found that many people are looking for foreign trade and Shanghai Longfeng optimization team of professional staff, such specialized services for some of their products in Shanghai dragon. When more people get involved in this industry, so increased competition is inevitable, so slowly people began to own their own foreign trade Shanghai dragon optimization team. To set up their own foreign trade Shanghai dragon team not only can enhance their own competitiveness, but also a stable sales of their products, so as to achieve maximum benefits. So the construction of their own foreign trade Shanghai dragon team is very necessary, then how should the formation of foreign trade of Shanghai dragon team? We are going to talk about.

editorial team

when we construct the website can began to form a team of editors. For the formation of the editorial team does not need to be too high, have the computer basic level, and then have some Internet applications on it. The time required to edit group >

With the

four, a


foreign trade Shanghai dragon can be separated from the understanding that the foreign trade + Shanghai Longfeng, foreign trade is refers to the exchange activities between one country and another country’s goods and services and technology. We all know that Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, then the foreign trade Shanghai dragon is the foreign trade in Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon is basically English Shanghai Longfeng, namely English optimization site in (a baby, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc.) English search engine rankings, then get the transaction.

is a website to reach Shanghai Longfeng effect, there must be a reasonable construction site. Only by establishing a reasonable site is conducive to the development of late, makes the Shanghai dragon to achieve a multiplier effect. But for those companies with multiple foreign trade site, should be independent of each site, so that each site has a different interface form. So do you should choose a safe and fast stable web server, both from Shanghai Longfeng angle or the user perspective it is necessary.

three, construction and website for

two, the formation of foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng team to find proper leader

, what is the foreign trade of Shanghai dragon

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