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team of the company from the beginning of the content publishers of products for the core interests into consideration, give support in content and show the brand level, but also the establishment and content publishers into the model in advertising. In addition, the brand and the product is integrated to users, the core concept of Flipboard is "Flip" the interaction and action, this thing is not plagiarism plagiarism — as long as the interaction itself is an advertisement for Flipboard.

2 is observed, like an article is about to do mobile phone recharge cards can earn thousands, if you observe carefully you will find this a mobile phone recharge at most only tens of dollars, in addition there is a search box with earn thousands of dollars, I also tested, found that if a website not at least hundreds of thousands of flow is unlikely to do that, if you do only a website, you know.

the most fundamental

‘s Bootcamp Facebook boot camp allows employees to grow quickly and helps new employees build networking. OKRs Objectives, and, Key, Results, goals and main results in Facebook called Goals, this goal is to adjust while executing, each project leader will often communicate with employees.

below is his visit:

How can

as a small guest how to deal with

two is the problem of computing data errors

Pinterest’s employees come from shlf1314 micro-blog and Facebook, which enables corporate culture to pass on, as well as more common among colleagues, and promotes team work to improve efficiency.

like the essence of such software paste, we can refer to, but do not believe it, because you do not have that powerful traffic payments can not be achieved.


Taobao restart the national Taobao customers, small and medium-sized Taobao customers how to deal with monthly earn tens of thousands of Taobao Amoy friends advice

as a pioneer in nonprofit organizations and open products, "open" has become part of the core of the Mozilla brand. In addition, "community" concept is also an important part of the company culture, Monday regular meeting, office space is open, many product development and design are also done by enthusiastic volunteers.

peas founder Wang Junyu Tencent technology plan


, before you get to the point, tell you two things you probably don’t know,

Pinterest: quick consensus,


have thousands of Taobao customers,—-21287733-.htm

Facebook: focus on employee growth,

Many of

user pays model gives Evernote the idea of "user first" and puts the user experience to the forefront. Evernote staff is the world’s 400 most serious Evernote users, and its own beta version is the most important test, which helps to protect product quality.

go down to the following topic:

on taobao launched nationwide Amoy first step, please see the following posts:

in May this year, Wang Junyu, founder of pea pods, visited several Silicon Valley technologies companies including Flipboard, Facebook and Dropbox after attending the shlf1314 I/O conference.


1 is the time, the emergence of such articles, often in forums on a lot of time.

there was a time I carefully observed, the calculation of the data error problem is indeed very much, I am now on several pages every day at least in more than ten pages, it is impossible to calculate this account every day, but after I observed a week or so, the income data is much less and occasionally give you much fewer pages friends can pay more attention, after all, money is not easy, many pages that would not work, instead of spending time count this account, not flowery this time to think about how to promote, even if the money donated disaster.

Flipboard: consider publishers’ interests,


one, how to identify which essence is the official soft Wen


had a lot of things I don’t want to say what, muffled earn my money is good, but with the resumption of national policy Amoy taobao, last year there have been, the result was unanimous opposition, because it was dark wings are not long and hard, but in the majority of small and medium-sized Amoy propaganda, plus with many large websites, now Amoy wings began long hard, and finally restart the national Amoy policy. It makes me realize between small and medium-sized Amoy and Taobao wind irreconcilable contradiction: taobao hope that the people of Amoy, to maximize their own interests, while the majority of small guest wanted a low-key on-line, so to maximize their own interests, such contradictions, the contradiction with the ruling class and the ruled class, can not be reconciled, there is a conflict of interest.


Asana: focus on yourself,

Mozilla: open community culture

Evernote: employees are heavy users,

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