HTTPS encryption is really represent the general trend

5 Sep 2017 admin


gave a joke before we talk about this for a long time, is for the convenience and we chat site HTTPS encryption is really on the website optimization promotion effect, but also the way to talk about the HTTPS encryption HTTPS encryption is represent the general trend of our website? What is the effect of

recently saw a public number above a "HTTPS" is the total encryption may represent the general trend of the article, it makes a Lenovo to optimize Shanghai dragon then its first came to Shenzhen, then contact their website Shanghai dragon optimization time not long, it is to optimize the site at that time had utterly ignorant of the optimization of the promotion. The site also has several. At that time, before going to bed every day, in the bus often go to love Shanghai or other owners and the Shanghai dragon optimization training related website, every day as long as it is mastered a bit of new techniques and methods, will take their own optimization site to operate, the knowledge used to go to the website, the website frequently modify operation.

unidentified people eat melon might ask "what is the HTTPS encryption HTTPS encryption and HTTP? What is the relationship?", here a Shanghai dragon optimization or cite a love Shanghai encyclopedia, and also to give himself a lesson. According to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love: "HTTPS (full name: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer), is the HTTP channel with security as a goal, a simple version of HTTP is safe. HTTP adds the SSL security layer, HTTPS is based on the SSL, so the details will need SSL encryption. It is a URI scheme (Abstract identifier system), the syntax is similar to that of http: system. For HTTP data transmission security. Https:>

optimization promotion?

then one day in Shanghai, the head of the community to see the love love Shanghai officially launched the HTTPS encryption of the announcement, the Shanghai government has also promised to love a priority site HTTPS encrypted sites will be included and given priority ranking. At that time, their company is an Internet company, the other is the programmer siege lion, I am the only one site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there is no God taught me to take me to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, just graduated from the training institutions have no money to go to the Shanghai dragon learning website optimization. So just do Shanghai Longfeng optimization during that time, almost as long as the rest time will see all the Shanghai dragon training site above the latest on the Shanghai dragon website optimization promotion information, but the website is still not optimized to effect. Later, love Shanghai official in the promotion of HTTPS station the encrypted message, I was stupid to think that site is no effect because our website is not HTTPS station encryption, causing the site optimization promotion has no effect.

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