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bidding consumed?

, who was born in 1990, is a Chinese Assistant at the cloud tray. He said: "when I was a junior, I went to an internship in a state-owned enterprise with my professional counterpart."

1, all of the items advertised in the competition are basically more profitable than advertising.

Features of

flat management and Paizhuan, Tucao culture is actually 360 of the young people’s personality on the level of respect. After 90 young, enthusiastic, assertive personality, open mind, there will be innovative ideas. 360 valued characteristic of young people, want to create an open atmosphere, so that they do not control what the promotion according to status play to their creativity and imagination, and feel free to express their views. In this atmosphere, the only important thing is to see how far you can do it. As we all know, as long as the user needs to ponder over, the product done cattle, a few words on the point, "it is easy to old Zhou shot there."."

flat management and culture

3 does not require any human intervention. As long as it is profitable, it is basically white money.

shlf1314 advertising alliance. sh419 advertising alliance. Sogou advertising. Tencent bidding. There are some other flow chain, traffic union. Bidding union.

How is the flow of

1, search engines.

today is the two lesson. What is bidding?. I believe you have heard this word, in sh419 or GG search results will appear 24400000. But what exactly is bidding,

bidding alliance, mainly rely on three kinds of carriers to consume a lot of competitive advertising:

360, more than a year’s recruitment of new employees, more than 90% is "80"". The company’s "90" employees accounted for 15%. The whole company shows a completely different look from the traditional industry company. 360, chairman Zhou Hongyi also prohibits employees in the company called who "a total", everyone is called his name, he himself was called "old week"". "He feels the company is flat," says Zhang Yue, product manager in 1991. "I have two weeks on my head, that’s the old week."."

when we search for a keyword, it will charge related ads on search engine on the right, is what we say when we point the bidding advertising, these ads, consumption is equal to others for advertising.

? , Tucao Paizhuan

2, large station. < >

popular saying is to buy traffic on the network, and then do their own advertising, this is the bidding.


where can I get a promotion if I have a product?

2, once you test that your investment is profitable, you can make a double investment.

development of the Internet industry is very fast, a large number of Internet Co is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation culture, to encourage young people to be creative and try, if young people are not afraid of making mistakes, good performance, high potential, which matters to good results, the development will make it better. And 360 is a very good representative. Flat management and Paizhuan, Tucao culture is composed of many young people consisting of 360 one of the most important features.



is like in sh419, GG. When you search for words, say, "lose weight."". It’s on the first page, and it has two words. That’s the bidding product. Why do the bidding? As long as you search, in the front row, every day so many keywords are people search. We usually love the Internet search for "Star" and "mobile phone" and "computer" and "Wangzhuan" these public to search words. Also optimistic about many of these keywords, so advertising display after the first order, how has it, that is to see who bid high, who bid high, the first one who will be exhibited first consumed. If you are in the first place, how many people will be in your station every day?. Of course, these keywords have been occupied by some large websites. We have to pay for promotion.

has been, Zhou Hongyi with "cannon" identity of the show, bold style, stunned is always the old label of the week. Old rival Lei Jun seems to be "born to young people" slogan has been part of the old week, while the tide in the development of the mobile Internet today, in the world was a grass root of the China Internet market, the old week quietly began 360 Reboot, a field experiment of 90.

how much do you charge for these bids,

shlf1314 advertising alliance. sh419 advertising alliance. Sogou advertising. Tencent bidding. The minimum price of these alliances is 0.1 yuan, that is, you put on the ad, as long as there is a person click on this ad into your station, whether you do not clinch a deal. You have to pay 0.1 yuan.

flow chain, the volume of the flow union is much lower. Generally can reach 0.02 yuan. But false traffic is too much.

Zhou Hongyi at the annual meeting, in 2014 to Reboot company, so that the company to stay young, so that all people do not experience, no burden of young people, to stand now look at the future. "90" as the representative of the new generation is becoming a microcosm of Reboot360, in 2014, 360 began Zhou Hongyi’s "90" experiment. Old Zhou hopes to stand now looking at the future, I hope to make the company younger, more dynamic, more innovative ability to give young people space, so that young people do what they like, do young people like products.

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