The abnormal demon network increasingly spam

4 Sep 2017 admin

it is understood that the Fujian Putian do a network company website imitation brand even set up chain team of more than 1000 people, every day at least have tens of thousands of "content is meaningless with keywords" spam spam.

love Shanghai exposure spam

to sum up in a word, the search engine principle of spam garbage content is "the pervert monster" – cheating and normal website operators, users hope to provide useful content for more users (service), and hope that through this continuous, uninterrupted behavior to get authorized users, in order to gain reasonable interest or the behavior of different users praise; cheating is not in the content of the page (unique service) efforts — they never intended to through the unique content of effective (unique service) to attract users, but devoted to the study of search engine vulnerabilities, spam spam destination for search engines to transmit a large number of real vulnerabilities the contents of the.

must be pointed out that with the search engine business value is more and more high, spam garbage content factories more and more specialized search engine and do. Spam is the original intention of the spammers to consciously and use the search engine defects, through the spam search engine spam links, to obtain a higher ranking. The search engine by hand, will own this without any value "recommend to users, get their own should not have commercial interests.

search engine knows the love of Shanghai "search engine optimization guide 2" definition of "cheating", said: "any use and enlarge the search engine strategies by means of obtaining malicious defects, inconsistent with the" quality rankings, caused by the quality of search results and user search experience decreased the behavior will be search engine for cheating behavior".

CEO June in the know ask answer "not credible mogujie贵族宝贝 content identification" question, "the pervert monster" principle: "to further clarify the suspicious user behavior and is not the same as a normal user.

both use and amplification of search engine strategies defects, Spam garbage content manifestation by malicious means inconsistent with the "quality" in the rankings again how the myriads of changes but it has not changed, namely Google, love Shanghai has been emphasized: "not (for users to provide better service, but specifically) in the search engine (defects) do".

at the end of April this year at the beginning of May, Google, love Shanghai have issued against the "content is meaningless with keywords" spam garbage content "Penguin" and "love Shanghai Raiders" with Web2.0 anti spam. Hope that through such measures, the implementation of spam garbage strike, in order to ensure justice and search engine ranking network world order.





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