Planning network promotion plan network new old words

4 Sep 2017 admin

In fact,

plans last year



network new words

so that we can know through some new’s performance is now emerging Internet users search for new words, for these words we can do keyword ranking planning.

owners need to know to do keyword analysis so as to better achieve the keywords ranking, improve the site’s conversion. I hope we will share some of their own experience, and common progress. (the first A5, original English training institutions www.powerltc贵族宝贝, please indicate.

new year early we do not substantially to do keyword ranking, because many Internet users search habits have changed, so we must first summarize last year from keywords ranking, index, click on the transformation. We as an example through education and training industry, can use statistical tools to view love Shanghai, as shown in figure


summary of good old words we next began to users of new search terms are summed up, we can sum up by 2 tools, one is love Shanghai index, is a love of Shanghai background keywords recommended tools. For the love of Shanghai index we can see below:

from this figure we can see the last keyword data. According to the flow of traffic and high key words we can filter out the popular keyword.

there is a saying that everything is a variable of the same keywords every hour and moment, will change with the Internet search habits, so many owners early in the new year to work or blind to do keyword ranking of words is not sensible, reasonable plan of how to do the keywords we at the beginning of the new year.


for Shanghai dragon webmaster ranking is the source of our web site traffic, important keywords ranking is likely to bring on each site transformation, so key words is every webmaster to have keen insight, for just after the holiday, many owners began to do keywords ranking, I also share some experience you do keyword.


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