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4 Sep 2017 admin

guest as a webmaster profitable new alliance platform has been on the Internet showing the fierce competition of the state; and the Shanghai dragon also will undoubtedly become the most common way to promote the Tao guest, facing the intense competition of the Taobao customer market, how to go beyond the competition, Deng Rong search engine top three into all the guest our goal. We know who the Amoy shop promotion mode comprehensively at first, because of its potential users to mining, the main keywords optimization of high difficulty is more and more people give up the guest; in recent years, the long tail keywords, single page Taobao guest became popular, because exchange rate is high, easy to be more long tail keywords optimization webmaster favorite, more and more owners to join and easy means of competition, the optimization of the long tail keywords too difficult. So how to reasonable and rapid optimization of long tail keywords? In this paper, the author according to the self experience and the sampling observation are summarized in the following sections, sharing with the Tao friends:

3. PR is still important, exchange links with high PR website.

10. Appropriate to increase the density of keywords can be the title, description, but the relationship is not ranked.

7. Buy high quality long-term friendship chain can improve website ranking, even if the site included and the chain is very few, the author found that some sites can also be purchased through the link to get good rankings even if not update, but here to remind you that not all sites are suitable for the purchase link, purchase link ranking risk, owners need to be cautious, and this is a long-term investment, investment risk.

5. Web page reasonable keyword density is conducive to the website ranking, ranking good in the observation station its home page keyword density is generally higher than 3%, mostly in 3%-5%.

8. The independent IP space may be conducive to the website ranking, but not absolute, according to my observation well ranked station with independent IP space.


6. The chain data domain found, in addition to the more data chain rankings, but with the purchase link than its slightly slight effect.

1. The site’s age is very important, the so-called a station for a thousand days, can be profitable, so we must learn to amoy.


2. The DIV+CSS website, and make sure that the site code is simple, according to my observation well ranked station there are more than 90% of the DIV+CSS website.

more than ten points from the author’s personal collection.

9. Included the number and website ranking is, most of the Tao guest must have every day to see the number of collected habits, and we have a closer look at the site’s ranking and included the number of

4. The inner chain is rich and reasonable to help improve the rankings, not only within the chain chain to the home page, including column page, content page, in order to achieve a reasonable die plate chain.

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