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4 Sep 2017 admin

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and many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners and business owners about the key problems, new entrants Shanghai Longfeng practitioners particularly long tail keywords lack of knowledge, only a few dozen websites or keywords, although get good rankings, but the key words less, or too broad, causing the site to flow not to. Furthermore, keywords hot industry has been robbed of bidding website, how can your site get traffic? You need more long tail keywords to improve web traffic, how to get? 1: learn to analyze user needs, on the basis of user needs in mind storm, what will the user search method 2 words; keywords VIP tools, mining tools can tens of thousands of keywords; method 3: hot words, micro-blog, forum, Post Bar quiz, users are asked to talk about what? What? These words can be used? 4, site statistics, analysis of user search words.

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Shanghai dragon is still able to increase website traffic, a lot of business with Shanghai Longfeng staff, but the effect is not satisfactory. Why the website has done Shanghai dragon or no flow? May be Shanghai Dragon technology is not in place, or the late implementation of profit. How to use the Shanghai Dragon technology to enhance the website traffic? Shanghai dragon Li Mitian as we summarize method.

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site is not included many pages without rank opportunities, more of the long tail word is useless. If your website is not good, please: 1, improve the website content update is stable? The update is not much, is daily updated; 2, the content of the article is original quality? The copy and paste the content, do not get the favour of search engine; 3, the site within the chain is reasonable? No site within the chain, how do spiders crawl? Also is not possible to find ways to let the spider climb your website? 4, code optimization, the use of JS in the chain is not what is good, although conducive to the user experience, but hindered the spider crawling; 5, server stability? The server is not stable, may interrupt the spider crawling; 6 stable and quality external >

search engine home there are 10 natural position, make your site to rank in the top ten, the top five will be more easy to get ranking. I use a laptop to search keywords, the first screen only four results, so your site’s ranking at least has entered the search results page before five, it can get more traffic in the first position to the user screen. You may ask: how to improve the rankings? 1: enhanced the original method and value, enhance the correlation content and title, focus on improving the frequency; method 2: optimize the website internal links, especially the site within the anchor text of the page output ranking method; 3: website external links to other web sites on their website ranking page the vote can improve the page ranking.


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