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3 Sep 2017 admin

"what brand of good insulation Cup" search intent is what >

generally speaking, search intention of such a word there are many, such as: a job before the interview to understand the basic situation of the company. For example, a potential customer heard of this brand, the recent construction site needs first to understand the strength of the service provider, through the search spaces…… All these intentions, they have in common is, hope to understand and collect some information.



however, the long tail word must be accurate? We see a word: webpage design and website development. At first glance, this word is to reflect the user’s search intention ah, you see, the word clearly reflects the "to do the construction site. However, the reality is that true?

you can see the search results before the five, four is to teach others how to do. What we want is to search engine? Is the high quality website was first presented, so that the user can quickly through the search engine to find what they need. To put it plainly, is to help users to quickly find what they want to see.


if we are to provide a website construction services company in Shanghai to promote the launch of such love words, will have the effect of

what is accurate is accurate? You can directly through the search word to determine the user’s search intention. From this point of view, language is not necessarily accurate. For example: the construction site

self picture capture Shanghai index

?Some examples:

againWhat the word "

we can see that the word is quite high fever. But we can try to guess the user search this word for what? Maybe he is trying to understand how to build a website, perhaps he wants to know what the company is engaged in the construction site, he may want to know how to write the website construction plan……


When a lot of people in Shanghai to promote the

" taobao贵族宝贝 "search intention is

visibility needless to say. What is Taobao search for the word, users are not familiar with. Why do they want to search the word, presumably 99% people want to search through the word, directly into the Taobao website. That is to say, users want to find websites through search. They want to tell their own search engine how to access, taobao贵族宝贝.

sex or Shanghai dragon, presumably will tangle this problem: this word is very hot, but it really suits me? Or: this word is very accurate, but little traffic, do I use the word

? ?Taobao

search our brand name: "what is the intention of Qingfeng network"

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