Website optimization the key points to seize the high quality original the chain and the law

3 Sep 2017 admin

in Shanghai Longfeng WHY above the theme:

is a high-quality original articles or any webmaster editors want the most, is also one of the most difficult topic of creation. In fact, to write an original is not difficult, the difficulty in the original quality above, not only to get recognized by the search engine, but also to get the favor of users, it is not easy. In this case, we have to find your own website and relevant information or the original theme is very good, and these data and the topic of research and analysis, combined with their own creative thinking constantly, so write out the theme is a very good original.

chain is all construction site construction to good planning, and to moderate the construction of the chain according to the specific circumstances of the site in line, why if appropriate? People will understand this truth, the new line optimization is not excessive, otherwise it will affect the development of the website, or even punished by search engines, this is the most do not want to see the results.

The new  

grasp the rules of

high quality chain

This is


A5 in the above subject:


also can be combined with their own website snapshot, included, rankings and other topics, the original article editing, such as my website snapshot of the update interval is a week or so, because it is a site navigation station, I personally think that is normal, after all, the station was more than 2 months, can have the same effect have a good. See the screenshot below under the relevant information.

high quality original

to the quality of the chain will be found outside the chain of high quality platform, but now this platform also many, for example: all A5 platform is very good, there are WHY, TUI18, Shanghai dragon behind, in addition to Shanghai dragon WHY temporarily is free, the other is to use 10 yuan to buy a membership. But in order to build a website that investment is not too much, because these platforms can provide great help for the construction of the chain website. Here take a look at my standing in the construction of the platform.

as everyone knows, is very easy to build a website, but to build a weight, rankings, included are excellent, browse a considerable amount of quality web site is not an easy thing. For new Adsense, pay more attention to the advantages of the original, the quality of the chain and the regular optimized and updated, it is essential to the construction site, 337331 site navigation and we take a look at how the original writing, how to find the platform outside the chain of high quality, how to optimize and update the site regularly.

website should pay more attention to the "law", law is according to their own situation to decide, for example I have more time to business website, so I choose this time to optimize the construction of the chain, and every day only a theme, only in the quality of the platform on the topic, at the same time also must abide by the rules of the platform. Every day looking for a good friend.

This is

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