The principle of search engine to make your website ranking fly

3 Sep 2017 admin

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so our site is close to the authoritative website on the Internet, let the spider more save effort, so we on it more friendly, so here we need to do the internal website optimization, let the spider without hindrance, and close to the source head began to crawl.

has the function of the original database warehouse. In this warehouse inside, start number of these data, and extract time is based on URL, then classified. It is worth mentioning that, love is also from here from Shanghai. The data here is the original, not filtered, which is "there is a lot to grab the garbage. Next is what, I think we should have clear.

website optimization development of these years, I do not know how many people in the study, the search engine algorithm, study its vulnerability, only one purpose to fuck it, let your keywords ranking fly. If we want to study the search engine, then some of its fundamental principle, we must grasp, this article is to give you a detailed explanation. The search principle of search engine, give you back a detailed explanation of the application.

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controller management spider

love Shanghai, Google, Sogou search engine is to provide these content, to the vast number of users search, so how do they find these contents? It is their own, the spider, to each big website to capture content, is the network and file download form. Spiders crawl content is from authoritative website, high weight website started. This is why we want to release the chain, the higher the weight of one of the reasons for the website ranking better.

3, the spiders crawl to the file into the original database

here to crawl to the front page, start doing analysis. To remove the heavy, Yb phase ", calculate the weight of a web page, all is in this piece done. The analysis here ", is one of the core search algorithm, love Shanghai for so many years, it is the core of the algorithm is confidential and will not be what we know and what we can analyze an algorithm of its secrets, can you see it back then.


under the

we know that the Internet content, or call ", is to calculate the billion units, so with a spider that is clearly impossible to grab the task. Need tens of thousands of spiders, this time on the need for a controller of a management spider. Including its role: to give the classification, where spider crawling? How long to go first, so that it is like the bus scheduling. Yes, you can understand it at the bus stop debugging the control room, crying holding all the spider’s daily work.

1, understand the search engine spider

2, understand the from the start

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