To point with face easy access to high quality chain

3 Sep 2017 admin

three is a "point" with "face" depth spread. When we completed the first round of review work, we will find that in those sites we left footprints under the new chain, we have to do now is some simple and repetitive work, continue to give new open blog comments. Continue to read the new blog, constantly make new comments, imperceptibly outside the chain of work is in full swing.

is to see the point "". I personally think that leave a comment with a link in a good blog than by software ten garbage in the forum posted a lot more useful to others. The former will let you leave the blogger most willing to tread footprint, while the latter will make the main forum indignant also wiped clean. Now there are a lot of good Shanghai dragon online network marketing blog, blog, blog, blog, such as Lu Songsong Mou Changqing, their quality blog gathering popularity with. If I think in those high quality blog left their comments that would be a very beneficial thing (most blog comments have a special place to submit their own web site.). So my suggestion is to find some high quality blog personal gas Wang, included PR high to comment, leave your web site.

how to find the high quality of the chain? My personal experience is: to the "point" with "face", which saw a point, find a "face", the divergent blog comments to get high quality chain.

". The "surface" refers to those Links website". With good website link station there are two cases, one is their own station itself is quite good; two is to buy him a Links station (can be willing to spend money to buy the link station is not bad). Enter each Links station leave us a comment with our web site, we completed the first round of the chain work.

four is the matters needing attention in the comments. Many personal blog comments need to review, so comments can not be sloppy, you see in the blog on two simple comments is necessary, as long as the content is not too low, leaving too irrelevant comments through the basic.

as long as you can find a good blog promotion station, this site of the "point" with "face" of the chain promotion, will achieve an unexpected effect, I use this method to promote tasted a lot of sweetness. To >

The two is to find "

you as a site, the chain is essential, but the chain you are all kinds of ways, the figure is for the chain to create new styles, with attention to website text, but also to the crazy looking for the chain of Links. The essential site outside the chain, this is what we must do. I do not for a long time, so not Luanjiang truth display slight skill before an expert. I just want to talk about my personal experience in the chain by chance, not to speak, please comment. (this article refers to the website is mainly Blog websites, comments can bring website Zblog program site)

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