The quantity and quality of the site outside the chain of Shanghai dragon who is more important

30 Aug 2017 admin


two. The content should be close to the best readability website theme why content close to the subject, the 1. general switched connections are looking for the same type of soft too, the same type of 2. on the platform of a good article would have needed to see these friends, to guide the flow accurately. A good article is to allow users to find the desired value from now on the Internet, too many "homogenization" article, general editor to save time is to make a two or three article. For the high quality of the chain, the content must be innovative, to have real-time, attract spider can also attract users click. As my website mainly recommended VPS host products, generally send some tutorials, server related technical articles, if you go to professional popularity in the forum can send a product discount information such as near the Mid Autumn Festival and national day, all service providers launched what preferential policies for special offer machine, XX launched a free host and so on, and write the contents of evaluation recommended reason etc.. With the value of information you get to share with users, which not only improve the readability of the article can accurately guide the flow.

three. Select the appropriate platform and channel above the title of good, content is also very valuable, but not often go to platform release, that is not audited by. There are many reasons for this, but most of the cases is the platform or channel counterparts. If the choice is released a promotional product information service to the people.

. A title to attract people, the effect of an article we want to drive more traffic, reproduced, if an article is not a good title, then the contents of how good is of no use may not cause concern. The general title is not recommended for too long, the title must be embedded keywords, convenient to the customer search. For example, my site is "VPS", then the user group is most webmaster, could write website construction based on knowledge, such as server tutorial and so on, is a professional forum can write more accurately as "high price VPS XX IPXX VPS independent memory bandwidth of 1 yuan / month" and so on, the main outstanding for the crowd to attract the attention of visitors.

a lot of friends may know, the chain is very important for a web site in the search engine’s weight, so the chain is the more the better, I think, not necessarily. Before 1 minutes have seen tens of thousands of the chain tools after use, but also the effect is not good, especially the new station is likely to be counterproductive things. The more general way is our webmaster forum with signature is more simple and fast. But personally think that the effect may not be very ideal, can produce the weight of new sites is limited, probably can play a guiding role of the spider, personally think that the high quality of the chain the best method or soft is better, but the chain increases gradually. A high quality soft outside the chain, the chain will be a number of websites a lot of equal access to professional website to promote a website flow and weight are very helpful. Pay attention to the details of what time to send outside the chain of

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