What chaos talk Shanghai dragon industry let us in a cocoon around oneself

30 Aug 2017 admin


so far, enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng services are still by keywords charges, which is really hard to have a standard. Although you can love Shanghai according to index, search volume, competition difficulty index keywords to quote.

black hat technology has been controversial in Shanghai Longfeng industry, on one hand can make quick access to website rankings and flow, the words can quickly let the flow of cash. On the other hand, the risk of black hat technology is too large, easy to check the algorithm of love Shanghai love now, Shanghai has been very intelligent. The light of the site right down, or direct K station, but there are also some black hat master in this industry. This part of practitioners will choose some profiteering industry website, for example: slimming, gray etc.. Black hat technology is a great risk of gambling, and reckless gambling, customers of the site is the official website of the enterprise, with the black hat technology is walking on the tip.

often in online orders, found a strange phenomenon, many customers Tucao they had been cheated "Shanghai dragon". Even think that the majority of practitioners in this industry are all liars, why customers lost their trust and confidence in the Shanghai dragon. For example: in the online orders, through a variety of cheating in the black hat technology allows rapid ranking keywords to the first page, then you can receive the customer’s payment, then there is no then. A few days later the rankings quickly dropped, and the customer’s site is not love Shanghai to drop right, as for single people already disappeared in the internet. This behavior does not have what difference with the liar.

on the Internet can often see "what three heaven love Shanghai home" exaggerated advertisement, fast ranking boast in fact only infinite, deceive customers who do not understand the Shanghai dragon. In fact, few people can do it for sure love the first page of Shanghai, the degree of competition for some very small words may. But such exaggeration is nothing more than to grab one, and seize the customers eager to hurry home page ranking psychology. Sometimes the truth to communicate with customers, but difficult to list, but those who boast of technology great people easy to receive list. So it is a lot of peers have to follow the vicious spiral.

ranking to lasting, can only do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but maintain the ranking will spend a lot of time and energy. So some Shanghai Longfeng services company or individual, once a customer to pay all the expenses is just casually maintenance. Charge mode, individual orders and orders the company is different, the company orders usually signed a contract with the customer, Shanghai Longfeng service fee is divided into several times to pay, for example: the home page ranking after the payment, the rest of the maintenance fee is generally a one-time payment, and will be charged deposit. While individual orders now many are no deposit, basically do not need to sign a contract, is a verbal agreement.

Black hat pricing model

exaggerated fast ranking

lost the integrity of the

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