How can the Shanghai dragon service providers to survive

28 Aug 2017 admin

Shanghai dragon One of the most important reasons for

service provider another extreme is ambitious, too arrogant, think they can have the ability to do some fierce competition in the word, the final result is the half do not go up, wasted energy. The author believes that the Shanghai dragon service providers should learn to act, don’t get too difficult to list, the general keyword index of more than 600, and in addition to 100 website itself do not pick up, rather than to pick a few.

for Shanghai dragon service, Shanghai dragon believes that many service providers have to give up, whether it is tragic hit the market price of cabbage or love Shanghai auction, so that they no longer have confidence in Shanghai Longfeng service, but I think, since the search engine is still, so Shanghai Longfeng is always market, value. Shanghai Longfeng service providers should learn to take the initiative to change myself to adapt to the environment, to survive.

(2) took the list to do not

service providers not only see the problems of short-term capital operation is improperly belittle oneself, his own service was low, there is a saying to you, have their own Kandi, who would look up to you? The customer price list, Shanghai dragon service providers to learn say no, and to convince you customers with professional knowledge and comprehensive case, let your customers know that you have to pay for the Shanghai dragon what efforts and hardships, gradually change their minds.

against the Shanghai dragon service provider is Shanghai dragon market price of cabbage. Now the Shanghai dragon market is a mess, the black hat Shanghai dragon so that the whole market is not the norm, many customers think that Shanghai dragon is a very cheap labor service, is willing to spend more money on the body of the Shanghai dragon. According to my understanding of a small Shanghai Dragon (Studio closed down), they did not receive a list of more than 2000 yuan, but also to the optimization of the key difficulty is not low, so it caused their lack of funds, can not continue to run the studio. Said so much, in fact, the author believes that the Shanghai dragon service providers to survive should improve the single way, a new way to pick up a single:

(1) that does not meet cheap list

Shanghai dragon

: the first change Shanghai dragon orders

is a Shanghai, only a short while ago, how hot the service industry. At that time, Wang Tong Zac, Zhang Guoping is famous Shanghai dragon master, they through the Shanghai dragon made a fortune, and a time for many service providers in Shanghai dragon excitement, have organized groups for the website of Shanghai dragon service. But in 2012, Shanghai, good times don’t last long, serious blow to Shanghai, dragon service for students of Shanghai Longfeng service providers also hit much, many companies have to end up closing down, too horrible to look at the scene.


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