Experience is love Shanghai to restore the site down right after a month

28 Aug 2017 admin

Spring Festival first day back site began to drop right, and it lasted about 10 days, one day than the day keywords to decrease, until there is no ranking, the snapshot also not update, also not included, but the page keywords did not decline, such as some long tail keywords did not decline, is the home page of keywords was decreased is anxious, before it is normal, did not take illegal means to update daily original articles and original articles, the chain is also normal, only is the Spring Festival holiday for 12 days without tube, then come back after the start right down.

sometimes really want to give up this website, so right down altogether, I’m doing another station every day at the same time, still insist on update original articles and several articles for the original article, until 9 in the morning, the day before yesterday morning, adding an article, is busy with something else at noon! Check the site changes, inquiries found added in the morning paper included! I thought I was wrong, because the snapshot is not updated, or stay in number 27, was very excited, began to recover this! Hope

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drop right in my view Links is normal, and a unified web server is normal, no abnormal what did not, by means of cheating to optimize, why I haven’t the right down, of course I also adopt some remedial measures before and the H1 H2 label all removed, the keyword ALT removed. Before the chain of change, not by a large number of reprint articles on the site to blog.

: please keep the URL


so here, I want to tell you, as long as we did not take illegal means to do, as long as we can insist, hard to do, the search engine will give you a ranking.

everyone remember during the Spring Festival holiday after the love of Shanghai big update! The update some stand up, some stations are k, some station was drop right, and I prize.the website also is in the home key is down right, all fell, and even the website ranking Title drop. Originally good mood suddenly sank. In fact, I still haven’t found the real reason, what is the reason for the right down.


yesterday morning came to the company began to query the site, but the snapshot returned to normal, yesterday, No. 9, No. 8 is a snapshot, yesterday added the less than half an hour to add articles included, this morning, before I write this article, add articles all included, snapshot number is 10 but at present, the home page keyword is not included, and included snapshots are normal, this is certainly a good sign, keyword recovery time is getting closer!

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