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27 Aug 2017 admin

love Shanghai index query

is the first link of website promotion is the most important link is the first site to do keyword positioning, take the enterprise website, many people think that the direct positioning industry most probably it did not actually happen vocabulary, or directly positioning region + vocabulary can be, so we can not say no, but not all right. Because some business and the direction is not the same, then we need to promote staff with the business personnel communication after doing corresponding positioning, so that subsequent promotion in order to maximize value, well, today Xiaobian Chen network together to find out there is a business value high keywords screening:

through the observation of multiple peers do good to locate the

with the company’s old business personnel communication

then followed, although the above part of vocabulary expansion out, we have to let the keyword positioning more accurate, this time can take statistics of vocabulary, to communication with the company’s business staff, especially the old business, because business people know which point more in line with the company’s business situation, the company’s resources, capital, technology strength so, the strength of product development, not necessarily all business for the company, we are best at first, start from here, it must follow up after the promotion, customer consultation over, we found the business point to do good, the higher the probability of signing.

so if you want to locate some relatively reliable vocabulary words, we can observe the company, especially local company counterparts to determine the location of key words, and other popular keywords, direct search already know words, love net station 3 pages recorded in Shanghai before, you may find that you don’t know the relevant keywords, after all, the knowledge to do network promotion personnel does not necessarily have to understand a business field, such as small, have done: domestic companies, decoration, plant simulation, parking lock, boiler, signage, logistics companies and other related industries to promote the site, do I do every profession to become senior staff in the industry the? Certainly not, I know of these words, only a part of industry vocabulary, so when we search these words, by observing the competition The opponent, especially do the good love Shanghai before a few pages of competitors, we may find that other popular vocabulary in the field, this is a fast method to locate good keywords.


then we master these words, but also through the love of Shanghai index to estimate the value of vocabulary, love Shanghai index is a fuzzy query tool of an online love Shanghai official, we enter a vocabulary by the general understanding of the lexical search tools every day the number of search times higher business vocabulary for example, boilers, domestic companies, so the gold content is high, the network also shows that customer demand in this field is mature, when we put the words up, will certainly have to find our customers through the website, so love can assist the Shanghai index is indeed >


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