Chinese nternet advertising costs 1 billion 500 million yuan in 3 monthsA leader should not despise

12 Aug 2017 admin

"Shang Jun book" recorded, Shang Yang prepared in the Qin Dynasty political reform, the development of a new law. In order to make people believe the new law is to resolutely implement, he was in the capital of the south gate and a wooden tree, the onlookers said: "who can be with the wood from the south gate to the north gate, will give him fifty-two silver!" most people do not believe there is such a good thing, I’m afraid the promise of Shang Yang to be honored.

everyone in shilly-shally, but carry the wood of a person, walk from the south gate to the north gate, Shang Yang cash on the spot, and gave him fifty-two shekels of silver. In this way, people believed that what Shang Yang said was right, and when he introduced the new law, he obeyed.

global Internet evaluation agency Nelson internet evaluation before released its recently launched the first online advertising tracking service report. The report shows that nearly 3 months, China’s Internet advertising costs as high as 1 billion 500 million yuan, automobile, electronic products and fast-moving consumer goods industry accounted for the top 3 online advertising.

the Internet advertising evaluation service has been running in the United States, Australia and 14 European countries on the market, can provide customers with a network of advertisers advertising operation site analysis, statistics, creative advertising content tracking and network advertising costs estimation

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

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