Google’s carrot stick how to make developers for equipment optimization page

12 Aug 2017 admin

if the label is a carrot, then stick here: Google said about these mobile friendly conditions and other factors, the company will carry out the relevant tests, and as a search engine ranking reference. This means that if the website design only for desktop or laptop screen, then they return to the future in the mobile search results page will be in a position behind the.

is currently Google mobile devices in a limited range of conditions for the "A/B test", the test only in thousands of users, rather than millions of large-scale testing between users. In the A/B test, some users will see a result, while other users will see another result, then the two different results were compared, and then find out that a good.

Google is rarely mentioned in public, any search results ranking of things, "Stone Temple consulting (Stone Temple Consulting) online marketing executive Mark · traphagen (Mark Traphagen) said. "Because Google’s decision will change many aspects of web design of the behavior of people."

because Google search engine cannot keep track of content change occurs in mobile applications inside, they can only try to advocate for developers to optimize your website for mobile devices. Google is developing a new method called "application depth link search technology, but if users continue to choose to use the application instead of the mobile client to complete their online behavior, then Google means traphagen added risk. In retail, tourism and localization, people are to search for information through the application of small scale oriented audience, these applications provided by Amazon, Kayak and Yelp instead of using this kind of company, like Google and search engine.

when asked when Google will join the new ranking conditions of mobile client search results, Google spokesman declined to comment. Even so, that the future of Google in this regard is enough to motivate developers for mobile client site optimization, because no one wants to lose from Google search results flow.

NetEase Francisco November 19th news, Google is trying to encourage web developers to focus on a smaller screen above.

now, the search engine is Google in the hands of a strong.

on Tuesday, Google announced that it will end in the mobile search results by the addition of a label to indicate the site optimization for the intelligent mobile phone. In order to make their own web site is a "mobile friendly" tag "must meet the following conditions: avoid the use of mobile devices often installed software, such as Flash; no need to zoom on the readable text; reduce the content width, users do not need a zoom or slide in the horizontal direction; set aside enough in the distance different links, so that users can easily click.

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