Analysis of deficiencies about Shanghai Longfeng station do ask God for guidance

12 Aug 2017 admin



1. URL site directory hierarchy is not good [less]

Nofllow tag is actually to some important pages and links, to avoid the website weight with your flow to these pages, we put the tag, can do optimization Website weight. I like this one special [figure] is a link to my website. So we should like this link with nofllow tags.

4. necessary website: website map and 404 pages. [] need to communicate with the program design and

The website

the frame out of the box, should be made into bread crumbs navigation. I need this in the days after the optimization of a note. Because the breadcrumb navigation is conducive to search engine optimization. For the customer perspective, is conducive to the user experience. [figure]

picture 1

3. station do is set on the

three label setting is very important. Baidu attaches great importance to Title optimization. So I put the main optimization keywords on the front page.


selection is very important. Take my site for example, this website is for the original user group is 6 to 12 years old children. But we only have campus in Shanghai, so the choice of keywords optimization is Shanghai children’s English training, English training for children in Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai primary school English training, English training, only education official website of these keywords.

The two page Key words



as the Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, build in the station, prior to the program with good communication directory hierarchy, as long as the program according to your requirements, make the directory hierarchy. I like this is the best part of navigation station are set to two level directory, which is beneficial to the love of Shanghai included. [Shanghai dragon to understand not only the search engine optimization algorithm rules have to be good at to communicate] a website directory hierarchy is not too deep, the best is the 3 layer of it. This web page to set the directory of 4 levels. [figure]


5. no nofollow Tag Optimization

read an article about the case in the A5 station today to share. I think your recent construction of a station. Love has not been included in Shanghai. I estimate the reason is the frequent changes of the station on the line, and the website do deficiencies, resulting in the station has not been Baidu out. The following simple to analyze the existing problems of the station.

2. site selection importanceKeywords

do the site map and 404 pages is actually for the search engine and client user experience. As long as the construction site, site optimization for around the two points of it.

picture 2

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