Do three months of Shanghai dragon targeted character is lost

12 Aug 2017 admin


two, Shanghai dragon is really a psychological challenge limit

fearless! One horn what are curious, the mind is all? But because has entered the stage, no longer in the school that nobody is willing to teach you for free, you have to learn to learn on the job, there are new breakthroughs and achievements in learning. Shanghai dragon is a team work, specifically, the Commissioner of the chain, website content update maintenance such as branches, each person is responsible for the work are not the same so the respective task is different. If you want to have new things for you every day, can tell you the choice of Shanghai dragon is wrong, because the Shanghai dragon is a challenge of perseverance, it requires you to have extraordinary perseverance and faith to adhere to.

first day when I feel quite interesting, after second days, third days, you will unconsciously tired to work, but we have no choice, you know Shanghai dragon itself is chronic work, it is difficult to achieve efficient results in a very short period of time (unless you choose black hat technology. But it is not legitimate and do not have the long-term effect, the author suggested that it is best not to use).

three, Shanghai dragon is really a "new" in the work of Chen

go Shanghai dragon heard Shanghai Longfeng need to have a strong psychological ability, that is to say when we have the stamina and indifferent attitude. When we optimize the website keywords finally get Baidu favor on the home page, the psychological will be very excited and happy, but Baidu everyday mood change because tomorrow you may have had the misfortune to get kicked out of the home page ranks, then you will be frustrated and helpless, I suggest you to. The attitude to face Baidu wanes, learn to turn grief into strength to continue efforts to find out the reasons, since you’ve been on the front page of your website that there are still some "charm", "use your charm" and "open-minded" re conquer it will be nothing difficult.

worked as a web editor after I resigned from the job, resolutely embarked on the road of Shanghai dragon, also from that moment feeling their life goals set, so I made a series of three months of Shanghai dragon, from the beginning to now helpless yearning for excitement that really is a grown up, why I would say that the targeted character was confused, because recently has been trying to beat the soft writing, has covered all over with cuts and bruises character becomes withdrawn, the. But I also from the three months of Shanghai dragon get some years of experience, to share with you.

, a Shanghai dragon is really a challenge will work

even after the two period of the test, in the face of innovation, we still have to break up. Shanghai dragon is a "new" Chen’s work, in the current stage of the technology we have to come up with some new strategies.

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