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12 Aug 2017 admin

we just search a word to look, our search content is divided into three parts, the first is the title, and then is a paragraph, and then in a snapshot of the URL and date, so we set description on what kind of effect? Some people say, is mainly to the content to tell people the website, I want to say here is to tell people what the site’s purpose is, but if you use the description so your website ranking will be in a very short time to improve.

is a station in Shanghai love home page second, I ranked fifth, because love Shanghai has geographical restrictions, so the search results may be different. This station is not directly the keywords in the title, only in the description >

is now the Shanghai dragon industry has gradually formed its own rules, that is to say for a keyword in how many days for you to optimize how much money up. However, because the site is different, Shanghai dragon Er when doing optimization can not be completely in accordance with the optimization rules we know to change the site, that is to say, a website took over, to optimize the place to change is not many.

Most of the !We simulate the

don’t know if you have not noticed, some keywords you search after some, it results in the title of the site without the key, but it still ranks in the front page of the site, why? Some people say, because of its high weight website. Here I want to say this is a one-sided view of the website! The high weight of your site can row in home? Not necessarily! If there is no website keywords in the title, no words to describe, so it will not be in the front row! So, according to the website title and description, we must do a good job

webmaster tools from a love Shanghai spider grab information, we found that our written description and were not spiders crawl to, then we describe how to get out? I’m going to tell you, is through love Shanghai love Shanghai! The spider came to the net station as described, grab, but stored in the database, description is stored in the database snapshot of love Shanghai, love Shanghai and ranking is according to their algorithm and website snapshot link and then get, that is to say, you have stood the snapshot of good rankings and the website is a great relationship, and can enter the home page, you see the snapshot, the title and description of the set. For example, in the search for "fell in love with the sea of plastic geogrid".

ER in Shanghai Longfeng do optimization work is to renew the contents, looking for the chain, do the chain, competitor analysis and so on. Some people say, is Shanghai dragon is there a better way? Here I want to say is not, I optimize the work now too, and every day in and day out repeated, very boring, but I want to remind you of Shanghai dragon Er, a good set of description, can make your work easier!

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