A5 mobile phone version of Shanghai mobile network owners love adaptation process

12 Aug 2017 admin


November 5, 2015, A5 officially launched mobile phone version of stationmaster net, the website domain name: m.admin5贵族宝贝.

November 6, 2015, in Shanghai Webmaster Platform can submit the mobile adaptation, and use the 301 directional jump adaptation, simply say that the use of mobile phone users access the PC page, mobile page corresponding to PC 301 automatic steering. This jump adaptation, it is best to use 301 or 302 directional, do not use JS. Why not use the JS jump? 1, Shanghai does not love any JS jump, Shanghai approved 301 or 302 directional love; 2, JS jump, to open a lot of things, and then jump, originally the mobile phone net fast slow, you also let the user anxious; 3, many browsers intercept JS, let JS can’t jump take effect.


the evening of November 18, 2015, love Shanghai mobile search keywords, mobile page has been in the front row, proved that the mobile version has begun to adapt. However, in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform still can not see.


This case is

November 20, 2015, the use of love m.admin5贵族宝贝 love Shanghai station query tools, weights, weights of 6 mobile 1978-4372, mobile source. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform mobile adaptation status increased significantly in the number 19 mobile hits more than 5 times, we estimate the mobile adaptation rate has reached 10%. Only less than 15 days, the mobile adaptation has been very fast.


, by the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng specific operations director Li Huadong. Li Huadong A5, director of Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster net, Shanghai dragon 10 years experience, has repeatedly been well-known portals (including listed and ready listed companies) invited to Shanghai dragon consultants. Li Huadong QQ:3602147, welcome to consult the Shanghai dragon consultant.

December 7, 2015, the use of tools to query m.admin5贵族宝贝 query station love, love Shanghai weight, weight of 76 mobile, mobile 7832-15703 antecedents. Through the analysis of the sea view love love stand the weight of history, in fact, from the beginning of November 20th, mobile antecedents have been re improved rapidly, at present still further enhance the mobile route. (update end)




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