A5 diagnosis of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai experience submission skills

12 Aug 2017 admin

The main steps of the

combined with convincing

in a narrative practice when it is best to add pictures, which are more persuasive than words. If you are a user that will not have the patience to see long text, to only half a day if you know what I mean, if there is a corresponding picture, be easier to understand, better understand? So, webmaster friends must be illustrated in a narrative approach, so as to keep the user, then let the user read more understandable and persuasive.

notes and supplement

sex experience?

love the experience of Shanghai is mainly a process, share a thing, and not the same as know. So we must pay attention to the experience of the steps described in the experience, each with the best practices as far as possible, the general is very strong, can let the reader understand immediately, immediately know how to operate today, A5 techniques for the diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai dragon group under the love experience of Shanghai submitted:

steps do not add links to

experience well, at the time of submitting a low note, at this point we can add to the experience in the attention matters, so more easily through the experience, can also play a role to remind the user, but also can improve the user experience, this experience, is not only love the staff, user will love.

title should be brief, " is the best practice; * * " or " * * how to do ", and soft; experience is not the same, do not need special shocking topic, it is the method and steps of reality. To let the user see the title of this article is that you know what, mainly to teach you what, therefore, A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team to remind the webmaster friends to do the experience must tell the user what to do, and a detailed description of pictures and text summary.

After the

short of generality

is more than A5 group (贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) to submit some tips for summarizing the experience of Shanghai love, hope to the webmaster friends help, in addition, the audit experience is very fast, a general experience can be 5 minutes passed. "

experience also can’t add links, it will lead to failure. You can add links in resources, and indicate the site’s instructions are available. The content must be specific, really is on your way to others, when you experience for users really have a value that is not deleted in Riga reference links, after all, love Shanghai is also has the human nature, you share the experience, teach something, or you return, this is perfectly logical and reasonable, if it does not get any benefits, then there are few owners will go to Shanghai

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