360 we should pay attention to the Shanghai Dragon

12 Aug 2017 admin

for these data I believe a lot of Shanghai dragon is clear, is that this is a website in a week from the number of IP search engine came in, and we can see from these data, the site in the IP 360 and the proportion of the search from Shanghai love, love Shanghai to search IP accounted for 76%, while the search came from 360 in IP 21%.

this is Hitwise’s statistics, from August 2012 to March 3013 this 7 months has 360 fast have such achievements, in March alone had 12% click share, although it is still a great gap and love Shanghai, but this shows 360 of the data is obvious increase.

360 search in August 2012 after the launch, immediately attracted an earthquake. Because of its great threat to the love of the status of Shanghai, which is very likely to cause love Shanghai more recent big adjustment to retain users. But this did not hinder the rise to 360 very.


here we see a good optimization of station data:

many people might think that 21% is not a lot, but do not underestimate the 21%, if the 21% conversion can reach a certain amount, it may make your site has a very good income.

small included these data we just want to say, as the Shanghai dragon now should also attach importance to the development of the 360, the only way to make our website multi-faceted, have more IP and PV, can bring more profit to us. This article from the 贵族宝贝qh536yy.net/ Xining anorectal Hospital, please keep the link.

in the face of the above data we have to ponder it as Shanghai Longfeng, occupies 360 of such data is not also need to do something about the 360 projects or work for our


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