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this month, millet is still a sort of a small thing, is the release of surging S1 chip millet independent research and development. An article that Pingwest mentioned, all events millet official chronological memorabilia was completely omitted from 2013 to 2014 by the end of this period of time the.

millet until today, Lei Jun is still to punch in the first line, MIUI icon is not a good.

wild farmers Youpin

do O2O, bitter; do heavy mode O2O, more bitter

this period of time, for millet, it happens to be a turning point in history.

recently, in twenty-first Century business review, there was an article on the financial Confessions of a former millet employee: "how do I deal with options?". Talked about a 2014 entry millet employees, leaving Amazon to give up 90% of the options, missed four times the soaring share price, rejected Ali, missed 4000 shares of stock.

hook in Ying Da’s view, the Internet is a "agricultural Nap-of-the-Earth" work, one went to the village and farmers through the exchange, they understand the language to talk about cooperation, talk about change, talk about the future; on the other hand, two-dimensional code traceability of agricultural production, which belongs to the field of intelligent high-tech intellectual network. The future agricultural financial model may have more ways out. This agricultural electricity supplier war, in the end who can win, depending on who is really dealing with farmers and more, rather than move other areas of practice.

3 the future,

"bitter" is a word I often hear when chatting with O2O entrepreneurs, more frequently since 2015. At present, both the capital market and entrepreneurs are more value model O2O project, and "heavy" pronoun is "bitter."". So, this year, destined to be O2O entrepreneurs faded appearance, solid to B precipitation year.

this article reflects the current mentality of many employees millet epitome. Last month, millet responsible for overseas business Hugo vice president of global Barra left, you look back, in 2013 to 2014 to join millet executives, turnover rate is very high, in addition to Hugo Barra, and Chen Tong and Zhang Jinling.

is superior to go wild farmers agricultural finance mode. At present, the Internet, finance and other new models have hit such traditional vested interests banks. The traditional finance is difficult to intervene in the agricultural industry chain, product sales terminal entrance from the wild farmers and financial business, to establish some high value-added agricultural products brands or scenic sightseeing agricultural areas, and financial.

Ying Da is a founder of the hook was born in 1995 three to the boy, from the stage of operation:

by the end of 2013 to the end of 2014, the history of millet blank also left the next three mysteries.

first, why does millet Note have no fingerprint identification?.

company are the same as those of our history textbooks, some of which are comparatively small and some places are not very detailed. The war of resistance was eight years, now fourteen years, and a few years later, it was decided by democratic centralism.

restaurant industry, entrepreneurs are relegated to the back-end supply chain and logistics market and are financing, but are still reluctant to reach the broader rural market. The combination of the Internet and agriculture and agricultural products has only stayed in the stage of several middlemen reselling and Taobao shops, and Internet agriculture has not yet started.


recently, venture home is exposed to a O2O project, agricultural wild farmers youpin.

The historical events of the big

, about 7000 people in 2014, now more than 10000. Probably half of the employees in Millet are joining the millet after the peak in 2014.

wild farmers Youpin was formally established in August 2013, is a focus on green ecological health of agricultural products company. All of its agricultural products from green farms with competitive price to provide users with no pollution, no additives, no use "three noes" of agricultural products.

is really sorry for him.


2 now, Ying Da is talking about agriculture in Hangzhou all the chips. It said, "all the chips in agriculture" is the real revolutionary impact of the Internet on industry and agriculture, from the traditional "post natal sales" into "first sales, post production". The farmer raised by the public to the sale of the products is guaranteed, consumers through all the chips, kicked off the middleman, to prevent price damage, the supervision of food safety.

Abstract: if Lei Jun is a book, the ups and downs of these years are the best places to see. Hope that after many years, we mention Lei Jun, will say that this young man on the work study program, love smoking, speak with an accent, career three, three down.

, meanwhile, who graduated in 2008, said he was a "no – buy".

1 in the past, concentrating on brand agriculture products wild farmers. China is a large agricultural country, but at the same time, mainland China’s agricultural products are still in the primitive stage of commodities. Unlike Japan, Taiwan and other places, agricultural products are selling brands. Wild farmers allow users to participate in product production through desire, and trust to build brand of agricultural products.

these people joined millet when millet is unstoppable, but three years after the growth of millet not as high as expected, occupation development and expected the gap is normal.

In the

from Ali willing to give him 4000 shares of the number of point of view, between the code level between P7 and P8, is about 30 years old when the play, before the age of 35 and five years to make up for their mistakes, we bless him.

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