How to use Sina blog to do Taobao promotionClass nstagram camera apply EyeEm to find profit model

8 Aug 2017 admin

off the threshold is relatively low, do not like the shop that shipment delivery, no station can not, zero cost business, so now more and more people want to do Taobao, Taobao has become almost synonymous with guest wangzhuan. For no technology or no time to site promotion, the use of blog Taobao customers is the most appropriate choice. While the number of users in the blog and the highest weight than Sina blog, but Taobao off Sina blog use there are also many problems, there are problems to solve, the so-called foot step ahead.

now uses blogs to promote the population, which is very large and even overflowing. So sh419 on the new blog included bad, and add links to blog included more bad. Do not recommend the beginning of the chain, first to enhance the weight and add friends, and so have a certain weight and number of friends, then add links. Earlier articles can use their own or friends space of some articles, these articles original rate is very high, and more real, won’t make people think it is for promotion and write bo.

EyeEm is a photo sharing application similar to Instagram supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Today, it has announced 1 million downloads and has grown at an average speed of 30%. At the same time, it also pulled Red Bull and Lufthansa two big brands into its "photo missions" mission – and this also means that money has followed.

one, many interactive exchanges,

search and your product promotion phase >

three, Taobao link is blocked,

is not successful Taobao links to Sina blog success, sina is a celebrity line, ordinary people’s blog to get higher access, but also need some effort. The emphasis should be on finding the right people and saying the right thing."

if not, you can use the same Taobao link from different stores. You can also link Taobao to micro-blog, and then copy that link from micro-blog to replace the Taobao link. It is worth noting that sina itself micro-blog copy or jump past, you can use the Tencent and Sohu’s micro-blog. Or add links to other blogs, and then link to this blog, if you have a web site, it’s better to do it.

two, Sina official delete sensitive information

industry for Instagram such popular photo applications, the design of Purchase In-App, subscriptions, advertising, cooperation with brand merchants, data charges and other possible profit model. Instagram has not made any profit moves so far, but EyeEm, a Berlin based start-up, seems to have found a way to make a profit.


was acquired by Facebook in April this year, on the occasion of the Instagram, we have asked such a question: App this business model can run independently? If the end result is not acquired by other platform companies, they can grow into a high profit, independent, long-term operation and successful commercial

a problem: because of the intervention of the brand, the original pure community inevitably with more advertising taste, the user will buy it? The answer depends on how the final EyeEm operation level, advertising taste caused by excessive antipathy, finally only the user go, but if the operation is good then, this method has the potential to profit: brands need marketing, EyeEm can also borrow this activation community, while allowing users to bring more excellent works for the community.

The so-called "


many people like to attract eyeballs with some very erotic and violent sensitive information in order to get more visits. This article is likely to be considered illegal by the authorities and will probably be deleted. Absolutely do not violate the law, or delete articles, titles are possible, the loss outweighs the gain. If you use this method to attract people, can play the edge ball, occasionally to the title of the party, the title of the party is not wrong but Wen, the title with great ambiguity makes dreams and that a layer of content is very formal.

camera task" is EyeEm by their own account "EyeEm Team" called for users to "go out" and take some photos with a specific topic theme for every Monday, and add the corresponding labels for photos. For example, today’s "photography mission" is KISSES – shooting and kissing related photos, excellent works have the opportunity to publish on the PROUD Magazine.

himself tried, in Sina blog sent Taobao customer link, not be blocked, that is, jump past. But some of them are normal. Maybe this is random, so you must check to see if it’s normal after the link is made.


a, new blog included not good,

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