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predecessors: to learn from older people is a good way to encourage entrepreneurs. Any successful entrepreneurs have experienced and experiencing the baptism of market competition, some successful entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs are usually the focus, a veteran in battle, their mind and ideas are worth entrepreneurs to learn. They can point out the inadequacy and bewilderment of the entrepreneur themselves more accurately, and help them to strengthen their confidence and rekindle their enthusiasm. But each edge entrepreneurs also need to combine their actual choice of reference, find out in line with their own path of development is the hard truth.

Once the initial start-up

is the second venture, I and one of my distant relatives. This venture, from the last to sell products, to sell services. We call title in the main business enterprise Xuanyuan studio, home network set up, desktop, >

said that you want to make a difference, or business, or go abroad. How many people we have naivete, once you step into society, because all kinds of Seoul to correct my treacherous intrigue, gradually removed their own ideals. Slowly, punch, punch, work, work that day in and day out the pace of life, imperceptibly accustomed to forget their original intention, buried in the crowd.

was a highly respected brand, but because of tight supply, the supply situation. So, we have several people to start a business, but the main push of the mobile phone, the mobile phone is on the line.

for Internet entrepreneurs, there is a good mentor, you can make your own business with half the effort. Then, who should Internet entrepreneurs learn to succeed in business? Here is the Internet to give you a simple analysis of these possibilities:

, which dates to about 2006. If, in 2003, is Chinese broadband penetration in the most rapid year. Then, in 2006, can be said to be the most rapid development of mobile phone industry Chinese year.

books: perhaps for many entrepreneurs, cursory reading some entrepreneurial elite books, from there to enjoy some entrepreneurial knowledge, that they can easily start a business. But shopping malls, such as battlegrounds, have a very low chance of success. But there are books in their own gold house, learn more useful experience and experience, and more knowledge, and more for their own accumulation of some personality accomplishment, are very helpful.

I in the team’s position, is mainly responsible for the establishment and construction of Taobao store independent shop – Shanghai mobile phone network. Because of the very popular Microsoft ASP, I have decided to pat the head without demur website architecture for asp+access.

big companies: under normal circumstances, entrepreneurs have a feeling of worship for large companies, often copying the style and system of large companies and so on. But large companies are generally slower in order to secure the development model they have accumulated leadership rendered ineffectual by recalcitrant subordinates, strength, will not have a big change in the short term. But entrepreneurial small companies are different, you accumulate enough, lack of strength, once the mechanically development model of large companies steady and slow in ourselves, we will restrict the own characteristics of the flexible, may soon be out of the market. As a result, small start-up companies can work together with big companies and make big achievements in the blank areas of big companies in order to achieve success faster and better.

later, I helped our independent shop made mobile phone version of the website, we gradually monopolized the supply of mobile phone brand, expanding the scale of growth.

Japanese mobile phone,

markets and users: entrepreneurs need to be polished. The so-called "plum flower". The vast majority of entrepreneurs in the market must be fought in order to truly understand what is the nature of the market, what is the real needs of the user to be able to understand. Entrepreneurs can only "down to earth", fully grown up in the market, can let oneself become strong and sharp, in order to have better execution, in order to truly become entrepreneurial instinct to seek truth from facts, but also to the market and common development, the enterprise value will be realized. Le internet think: only the fear of the market, respect the user, can really take up the burden of the development, in order to truly understand the value of entrepreneurship, to be vigilant and let yourself in an invincible position.

due to various internal and external good times don’t last long, and may be when we are still young, it may not be a rich experience of the core of leadership. We eventually disband……

, there have been several major personnel changes. First, the first one investor, due to personal reasons, quit the project. Later, the company moved the address, recruited a college part-time college students as a partner. After the work is due to both learning and not before long, also the withdrawal.

soon, as is the use of ready-made open-source program, less than a week’s time, our independent shop and Taobao shop established.

business, is how many people have yearned for. There are tears, there is joy; deception, friendship……

common sense: especially the early start, the plan changes, a lot of "carefully designed" planning are often meaningless, but not really implement the most simple common sense and the most sincere attitude more easily captured the hearts of the people, and the.

but then, I am still studying, working and learning can not be considered simultaneously. So, I was mainly about two weekend maintenance station, instead of the usual operation entity shop, is the partner of other management.

then the mobile phone industry, NOKIA is still the world, then HTC is not called HTC, but called Dopod. Remember that the government to urban management with intelligent navigation and mobile phone, the mobile phone, it is a model in which Dopod.

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