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7 Aug 2017 admin

1, "little me" located in the high-end restaurant takeout business cooperation, including his grandmother, Greenwood, well-known brands such as Burger King restaurant, takeaway O2O market positioning of white-collar services, focusing on service quality, provide high-quality and convenient ease takeaway service for customers.

2, point me to provide a platform for services at the same time, also provides the logistics distribution system under the line, a merchant’s largest distribution range up to 6 km, businesses need to cooperate in food products, are important takeaway O2O platform of logistics.

poison: for this year, Internet >

according to relevant sources, the domestic takeaway O2O service providers "point me", a number of top VC joint investment of tens of millions of dollars, recently or will be officially announced.

Zhu Yite: Union, now the development of most business focused on the CPM and CPC of the two block, and had just started the matrix can be developed, but also because the matrix in CPM and CPC in this respect, some outstanding advantages, from the quality of the site, to the effect of monitoring, this one we spend a lot of time and material inputs!

Zhu: malicious and fraudulent clicks, now on Chinese union can be said to be very common phenomenon, in this field, we have a lot of hard work, for example, in advertising at the same time, we will join the tracking code, statistical advertising click past the arrival rate, two clicks, mouse click to display advertising value, the ratio of time, click on the area ratio, which is to prevent cheating in technology, and in the manual, company specializes in the development of a main site management system, credit rating of the stationmaster, and someone regularly through the webmaster artificial cheating and rating!

according to the relevant data, takeaway business in Beijing accounted for 1/3, the high degree of Internet Beijing area, extremely strong demand for takeout, which can reduce the cost of education for new business users, point me to enter Beijing, using its own operational advantages, is expected to become the industry showstopper.

webmaster network is poisoning =   = poison; Zhu et Alliance for Mr. Zhu Zhenwei

"point me," No.

poison was interviewed expo-plast Alliance for Mr. Zhu Zhenwei, the following is the content of the interview I order:


category expansion: focus on the development of supermarket channel

Zhu: ok! Easy advertising alliance in August 2005 by the US President Xu Junfen established, I also did not join et at that time, I was in January 2006 to join et, et at that time was a small Xu Jun alliance, later he led us to the development of today, now expo-plast network advertisement, including the following: Business advertising, interactive marketing. Joint report of several pieces of business, and now the league this piece of business, I am responsible!

, read me in five ways,

3, click me, no zoning mode, user centric, business centric model, to maximize the protection of business interests, to meet consumer demand.

point me to rely on takeaway food, such as Lianhua Quik started with super giant development of supermarket goods takeaway delivery, and provide instant delivery service to run errands; "I have it as a generalized takeaway net, is one of the earliest delivery in the field of O2O company. 2012, "point me", access to Gobi investment of $2 million in the first round of financing, the B round of $10 million financing, become a takeaway O2O field another financing case.

: en. Well。 Et is also a veteran of the alliance. Zhu can you give me a brief introduction about the history of the development of special

: Excuse me, is how to treat toxic expo-plast malicious click or click fraud?

regional expansion: financing will enter Beijing

Zhu: me too, look what I can do for you here. If you have any questions, just ask me

: I have more contact with Xiaomei. Today I’m very happy to see you today,

virus: each alliance has focused on the development, I continued in so many business in the most focused piece of business development? Or which business development is the best and most representative?

Zhu: Well, hello! I am ET alliance, Zhu Zhenwei, just our company may and I said, very pleased to meet you!

at present, "me" has been in the two important city of Hangzhou, Shanghai layout; financing after the completion point me to first consider the regional development, is expected to enter the Beijing area for the strategic position. Point me, or with the same investment for Gobi counterparts billion European network note: Gobi investment in Beijing’s "radius of life" deep cooperation, and jointly vied for the Beijing market,

4, "me" makes the scheduling system distributed in the city every distribution member is capable of positioning, the system will automatically according to the order, a series of algorithms to assign orders to the most reasonable distribution knight, intelligent planning the optimal route.

5, point me to rely on takeaway service accumulated operational experience and operational capacity, vigorously develop the local life in the supermarket goods delivery and other general takeaway service, solve the logistics personnel working efficiency, to ensure profitability feasibility.


: Hello, I’m the webmaster, who is in charge of the League information. Will Ding Jianzhong have time for an interview?

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