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in addition to some media, subscription number, today’s headlines are also directly affected by the direct competition from Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other portal sites, these sites are on today’s headlines threat is not small, as the pioneer project in the field of mobile application distribution of the pea pods by Ali mobile incorporation, the initiative of mobile application distribution again all attributed to BAT.

wrote here, in front of me, a series of typical Western American movies: opportunity, adventure, force, plot, power, confusion……

, go, big, or, go, go, go

3. "atypical law enforcement power spread, due to the lack of perfect market management, the dark forces rampant," atypical law enforcement force rising momentum, "antivirus" and "security", "assistant", "navigation" forces flooded the market. These forces walk in the "evil", while the "Knight", while the "villain".

The key nodes of

on the other hand, the Tencent internal staff also said that today’s headlines valuation of 8 billion yuan is not reliable, if the Tencent investment, or investment holding shares accounted for not less than 20%, or is purely financial investment, but not the two forms of investment possibilities.

in the face of such a market, over the past 10 years, "the typical business model may need to be adjusted: the success of a" foreign "mode; an excellent product" replication "; in support of the capital staking, into the field of the first or second; to the satisfaction of all IPO!

1. Internet giants have been occupied in the Internet, a huge market is lack of effective management ", the Internet giant is a bit like" dinosaur ", while the Internet ecosystem is a typical ecological jungle"". What’s more, the network giants in the "safety deficiency" in the past, the peaceful calm was broken, the Internet is in the "Warring States period", "bloodthirsty giants in extreme excitement".

, So, if, I’m, gonna, go, at, all

from the current point of view, the Tencent owns the daily express with today’s headlines in the positioning of similar products, and online for a long time before the publicity, Tencent determines the content is an important direction of development in 2016, today’s headlines as the biggest competitor Tencent OMG industry group, the latter is on today’s headlines the model in detail, ready to do a "content + flow distribution platform.

, I’m, thinking, life’s, too, short, it’s, passing, by

, go, big, or, go, home

There are many !In the face of the

has a song called "Go Big or Go Home", nice to hear,

2. monopoly resources infrastructure and Policy for the Internet more and more attention to the value of great potential, multi attack with various names and various interests, the agent mechanism, trying to gain interest, they may not be able to do what thing, but "bad" is very strong.

from 2008 after the financial crisis in 3 years, China Internet business environment has undergone tremendous changes, and even can be said to be a fundamental change, in-depth understanding of these changes and the reasons, perhaps on how we can help business.

"typical business model" of the problem is: a "copy"; capital under the support of the "bubble" enclosure, greatly extend the success of the project at the time; the monopoly of resources competition, "ban Masuo" increase the project "sudden death" of the risk; Internet giant "Predators" mentality, choose through increased entrepreneurial despair; "law enforcement power" atypical "chinakayao", even "dog in the manger, greatly.

news sources said the Tencent will invest in today’s headlines recently, rumors after several days, Zhang Yiming in their own knowledge sharing community headlines quiz called "position to deny, become employees of the Tencent did not mean". Deny the rumor directly from the front.



below for Zhang Yiming response full text:


recently told me seriously that his goal was not to become a Tencent employee. Of course not. It’s boring.

business is life, life is business, @ VC and you really find life in commercial beauty! Author @ dragon really recently have been thinking about the topic of "the Internet business is dead, though I have some experience before, see @ really VC article" the Internet business is dead from entrepreneurs to ignore basic business rules "but I think big and empty. These two days have the pleasure of reading a famous serial entrepreneur and angel investor @ Mr. Wang Dingbiao’s "entrepreneurial arena", is very useful, especially the collection and sharing of.

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