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6 Aug 2017 admin

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      in addition to the general sense, every independent users reached 10 million, with a certain scale of fixed users, for content, products, business model is not clear, the new video business in the development stage, for what kind of users is more important.

      video website, seems to be the first generation Internet upgrade directly, the competition seems to be relying on the existing pattern of the Internet only, but in fact, the traditional network portal, at least not standing neatly to the forefront of network video, the emerging video sites have started from scratch, scratch stepped 10 thousand, 100 thousand, 1 million mark.


 :     what is the future of video sites represented by video sharing? What are the factors that determine the site’s ability to hold out to the end?

; 1 and   user access scale

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      after a lot of burned investors money, return on investment pressure is more and more big, although not as optimistic as practitioners to be in 08 years in the best of spirits between male and female, there is no doubt that the formation of the expected profit is > one or two years in the future video network

      last year, the video sharing site ushered in a period of rapid growth, many sites have to believe that after 07 years, 08 years will be the feudal lords vying for the throne, King worship a year. However, this wonderful vision with the provisions on the administration of Internet audio-visual program service at the beginning of 08, SARFT and the former Ministry of information industry "56 orders has become blurred.

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      video user habits, originated in the early or large video sites on the user’s guide, which is with the video sites surrounding cultural environment are closely related, in the United States, Youtube is the extension of the Home TV network, and when the film became the domestic video sharing website occupy half of the country’s service, the video sharing website Zhongguancun CD hawkers are fighting for jobs.

      recognition of the current situation of video users, the rapid formation of the scale of the user, you can feel it important.

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      the status of traditional web portals is not surprising; traditional TV stations are far from the world of online video.

      it seems that the aggregation of video network users will have a new process; in the popularity of online video, the first competition is still the size of the user.

      2;   customer acceptance

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