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so everyone looked at the fool and was surprised to say nothing. How could he be so interested?

two in November 2016, after the efforts and was extremely hard and bitter cruel competition, 3GPP organization will be HUAWEI’s polarization coding scheme determined as the final scheme of 5G short codes. This has become a landmark event in China in the field of communication.

Robin Li.

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the last moment, this stupid apprentice up against, and then the foot ring on a stamp, would like to shake the earth trembled and the mountains swayed. Then shout "go!"!". Frighten opponent one Leng, and then the hands of the iron rod from the hands of the rapid. The master of the speed was too late to be beaten on the spot.

, such as smart cars, run 200 kilometers per hour, and 5G has to ensure that the vehicle and vehicle, vehicle and road signal delay is only 1 milliseconds. It’s like standing on two flying sports cars playing table tennis, blink 0.6 seconds, the two sides to play 300 rounds, not to lose the ball. This makes 5G’s Internet of things very vast, and the only limit is people’s imagination.

60 trillion big industry is about to erupt: a enough to subvert WeChat, beyond Ali’s super tuyere

once upon a time, there was a man who was stupid and wanted to study Kung Fu, but many teachers didn’t accept it. The last master got impatient with him. Just call him up and take a stick out of his hand and try to teach him a trick. But think, this disciple is too stupid, if out of shame to do. He sighed, raised the club shouted: "go", will be thrown out the root cause.

next is enough to subvert WeChat, beyond Ali’s super wind where? Now look, only things.

Chinese military strategy integrated data show that the United States city >

the wind is blowing up

standard dust settled, all manufacturers have decided to let go.

a lot of people for post promotion simply ignore, including many beginners, always want to find some new and quick way to get traffic. Here I can be very responsible to tell you, as long as you can master the basic skills and skills of posting, you can go beyond cheating, and even SEO search engine optimization bring the effect!

the apprentice was so stupid that he threw the master into the stick and acted as a trick for him. Then he went cheerfully. Then every day practicing this trick, the hands of the stick from the sticks gradually replaced iron, more and more heavy.

believes that everyone should be aware of the truth of this story: persistence and perseverance, and the simple moves to the extreme, is a unique skill!

!The purpose of the

begins by telling you how to post:

An important characteristic of

tells everyone a story before cutting it off. It’s estimated that a lot of people have heard:

creates "things" space

in June 2016, 3GPP mobile communications standards group NB-IoT standard protocol i.e. "narrowband cellular networking", you can write "NB networking protocol" identified as the global standard of Internet communication.

"The era of mobile Internet is over," says

two, here I made a demo page,>

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next to the point, please remember that I mark each sentence in bold.

increase traffic chapter:

on NB-IoT, the following is only for special technical white brag: it is used for application scenarios of mobility is not strong, small amount of data transmission, delay insensitive, such as intelligent water meter; it is 10 times higher than the GSM network coverage range, underground pipelines can also signal full coverage; a base station access equipment up to 100 thousand the battery is not charging; make the communication module to carry the dead 10 years; cost only $5. Most importantly, HUAWEI is the initiator of this standard.

5G technology is considered the standard of the Internet of things, providing low cost, low energy consumption, low latency, high speed, high reliability communications, to support the Internet of things for a long, large-scale connectivity applications.

shlf1314 Corporation chairman Eric ·, Schmidt predicted: the Internet is about to disappear, a highly personalized, interactive, interesting world is about to be born.

but in 2016, two earthshaking events took place in the Internet of things.

Zhou Hongyi said the Internet will be opened in the second half.


what is the market space of the Internet of things

ten years later, all of a sudden, a man came here to challenge, defeated the master of all the disciples, and finally the master was defeated.

"Internet of things" this term from 1999 brought up to now, professional "Huyou" 18 years, the child went to college, did not see the shadow of large-scale commercialization. People do not take it as "tuyere".

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