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6 Aug 2017 admin

The value of

talked to a friend in Beijing this morning. He asked me about the profit on the website. After answering the questions, he arranged some articles for me to share with you. Many articles on the Internet have been written about how to make profits, but most of them are about alliances. They rarely write how to take money directly from the user’s pocket. So I give my opinion as the title.

2. low-priced things, we do not know how to cherish

many people spend money on pirated books or tutorials to study because they can’t afford to invest. Of course, this is no ground for blame, but the most important is a new way to learn words, the effect is certainly good to go, because each book or tutorial contains too much knowledge and details. For a new person, you can master it without self-study. For example, some of the projects we have previously released tutorial site cool what, but most are now can do, if you really go to study, go to the operation, if there is a problem I will give you some details on what the. But if you’re buying a copy of the tutorial or not asking me, it doesn’t work at all. Because it is pirated, so there are problems encountered in the study, there will be no one to help you answer, so that the effect of learning is very poor, coupled with the new learning ability and foundation. So I think sometimes it is necessary to buy genuine stuff, huh?. Self study is a very good way to learn, but that means taking a lot of detours. You may see a lot of information on the Internet, you do not know what is out of date, what is wrong, and if you go directly to the operation to try, you have to eat a lot of suffering. The ultimate waste of their precious time and life

when it comes to the user to take money, many people headache, the first thought is to accept membership fees, franchise fees and the like. In fact, the money can be very elegant to users, users do not even know you took money from his pocket, the so-called rape user wallet invisible". I give an example when you want to decorate the house as friends are anxious to find a good decoration master when I introduced you to a good price discount when you master skills must be very grateful to me, but you may not know me and decoration master is a business relationship, after the decoration master gave me some the smoke, decoration master also thanks my a customer to find him, you see I take the money and do a good man. We can put this pattern moved to the Internet, which is the site I like Xiamen decoration you have noticed that this process I never ask users to give me money, but I have another way to make a site no relationship between profit and alliances, looks simple, isn’t it? You might have a lot of questions. What if the merchant doesn’t give me the money? Or how do businesses and clients collude to pretend they don’t trade and afterwards deal in private? Or customers may not have to buy your product or service from the website, etc. these questions will be answered in the next section, so please pay attention to them.


for example my site cool source forum, internal forum inside hair boutique source if you buy all the original word, I am afraid that most people can not afford to buy is Zaguomaitie, but here in my VIP less than 100 yuan can have it all, and we will update every day. There are not many VIP members in my forum, but they are very few. According to my understanding, most of the members join VIP, take the source code, and then sell their own, so as to earn more money. This method, I think we all know it, the principle is to make money at a low cost, if you will marketing, how much money earned, then I will not say,

genuine is the after-sales service

      welcome to the webmaster network published original article, share your site experience

so selling on the Internet is also good


this thing really is not good anyway, everywhere online piracy and the sale of the e-book tutorial what value, tens of thousands of things they sell cabbage price, with almost nothing. They say nothing is appreciated for free. After most people get it, they lose sight of it. I also have this kind of problem. But if you really pay a lot of money to study, everyone will study hard and take notes, and then try to do it. That sentence, how do not work hard, I am sorry to pay their tuition fees. No way, people’s psychology is like this,


1. piracy resources must be good,

first said the alliance, now the site rarely do not do alliances, big Sina, small to personal stations are no exception. However, the development of the Internet in the past two years, most of the League gradually decline, such as film alliances, text messaging League, to guide the registration of alliances, click alliances and so on. In fact, these alliances are in a morbid state, regardless of their form, but there is a characteristic, advertisers input money and income is not proportional to. He’ll be on you once, but no one will be a fool next time. In the context of doing harm, it is only a matter of time before the alliance fails. In fact, if your website profit is built on the basis of the alliance is equal to life into the hands of others, like moving today I am not happy to rectify many SP and CP fell, of course, the most affected is webmaster, I do not know how many stations closed down because of it. In this case, you will not operate in a company, your station will never do much, and VC will not invest in such a station. Now many owners have been confused can make money in addition to union is a union, I would like to be predicted there will be a lot of stand down this year, this year is the time to test the webmaster really capable, to see who can get the money from the pockets of the user, who can get who survived.

in last year, I contacted a lot of friends who study online to make money. It’s obvious that a few problems are here. Let’s say something about


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