Wangzhuan propaganda techniques My uncle 300 million to stir but the content of entrepreneurs

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two judgments around IP content

, but it’s all about getting things back to their essence.

first enter keywords in sh419 for example: enter the Chinese Wangzhuan station, make money, make money online part-time, and then come out a lot ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ the keywords ", we directly in the web site located along these posts, then sh419 will be included in your site. Or directly in the search out "behind keep abreast, your post would allow others to search. This method is also very important. We Chinese like to search with sh419.

play, have long wanted to migrate to WeChat, at the time of each media will appear at the bottom of their wemdia is a member of the blue banner, made with vigour and vitality, but ultimately did not succeed.

is the platform, micro-blog is an open platform, so a spread through various "forward" cooperation to achieve maximum value, the parties involved in the cost is very low, but it can create a huge topic. But in WeChat ecology, the cost of participation is very high, an article would like to make other KOL turn operation can not be achieved, at most do some public number push each other.

suggested to some of the more famous forum, such as: China Wangzhuan station Www.SohoZhan

micro-blog has just started, is the hand piece of the world, the whole industry chain in the basic grasp of the three factions on the hand, white Er, the property market, we can play together, Gushan, and party a need to spread, they will have to go through these companies, so that several monopoly channels of the company, the basic is the time the myth of the income.

so any valuable open platform, as long as the forwarding point like this mechanism will produce Baotuan ecology, webmasters by SEO that is started by the chain exchange hold together, then the Navy began to hold together, Taobao also brush single hold together, then micro-blog Baotuan, known to almost the market is also in the dark a few companies hold together but not tightly fix, WeChat Baotuan phenomenon.

is the advantage of channels, we can work together more closely, the content itself does not require special quality, even if the basic contents of the general B company do, but will always find some channel content hard push up, dozens of small joint creation of content is not less than a large in transmission capacity, and overall the price is also cheaper, Gushan started it is grasped this point.

‘s recent uncle might have made many people sit still, and content entrepreneurship will add fuel to the fire. Is that really everyone’s chance,

2 content costs begin to grow high


to the center of the ecological means, to play with a small size, cost far more than previously, add up to a few small communication volume can no longer as in the micro-blog period can be oversized, therefore unable to party a monopoly fundamentally, and then put a small monopoly resources, large price but became more cost-effective e.g. on microphone Mongolia, the interests of the chain is broken, eventually you can only fight the enemy separately.

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The news of

I have three judgments.

1 the disappearance of channel opportunities

only the quality of the forum to make your post as soon as possible, to be the engine, and then to search.

would rather send a quality post than spend a lot of time sending out the garbage in the sky. This is the experience that many friends have summed up for years.

The same year wemdia

we’re mainly targeting www.sh419, the search engine. Let other people can search our ads through sh419.

but why does WeChat no longer appear to monopolize KOL’s phenomenal companies?

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