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VC has seen too many successful companies. They see the key element of an entrepreneurial enterprise is the team, and any other resources can be given by means of external forces, and only the core team can not be replaced." In Liu Yang’s eyes, she was full of passion and the rapid implementation of the "dozen gun", is really moving VC place.

story does not end there. Within a month of contact more than 20 VC after 51wan, and the name of Liu Yang began to mouth in venture capital circles, eventually drifted into the ears, so the initiative to find Liu Yang. After listening to Liu Yang’s entrepreneurial logic, the more hesitant, the day will be finalized, decided to invest.

51wan, Liu Yang and Sequoia become attached to the full description: as long as your team is good enough, VC may miss you for the first time, but never miss you second times.



in 1954, Dong Mingzhu was born in Jiangsu, Nanjing, an ordinary family, and later successfully admitted to the Anhui province Wuhu Cadre Education Institute statistics professional. In 1975, after graduating from Nanjing Institute of chemical engineering to do administrative work.


Liu Yang’s first contact with Sequoia was a text message she sent to Sequoia partners.

boot screen must be me, this is to respect the consumer;

! During the process of contacting


and 51wan, Sequoia was surprised to find that in just 1 months, Liu Yang and her ten dozen guns handed over their transcripts: 5 products alone

you know, when 51wan is not online, Liu Yang has only a 200 thousand deposit, a small loan used for more than 40 square meters of office houses, and more than a dozen guys with her work all through the night. Cause when they fought for – web games are called web-game, in 2007 China one of the most popular web games "Wulin Soccer Manager" still in the static page game level, in numerous VC consciousness, at home and abroad, seems to have not been "games of the same type of typical capital case……

agrees, no,

so, how do you make this woman

I said that Lei Jun was a thief and he didn’t dare to sue me;


51wan founder and CEO Liu Yang

Abstract: 36 years ago, her life was uneventful; after 36 years old, she created a legend that everyone admired. Who is the most aggressive woman in Chinese Internet circles? If someone is asking questions, he’s definitely an ancient man, because he doesn’t even know Dong Mingzhu……

Miss Dong life is tough, you can’t imagine

does not believe, you see Dong Mingzhu let go of the Rhetoric:

this mobile phone is not retail at all now. We are in short supply.


because he doesn’t even know Dong Mingzhu……

was 36 years old, she created a legend that everyone admired.

Miss Dong battle, barren

the investment decision is not bold. But the bold is not only a sign of TermSheet in Redwood, Sequoia quick and Liu Yang, Liu Yang one day also received 3 VC investment termsheet.

interview / Author: ChinaVenture invest in China Network on behalf of Songyang

? !

who is the most aggressive woman in Chinese Internet circles?

respondents: 51wan founder and CEO Liu Yang

, 30, lost his husband, 36, South to work,

did not create the horse industry Yuncai really finished;




GREE two generation mobile phone, priced at 3000 yuan, not external sales.

if I don’t need to change my mobile phone for three years, I will sell one hundred million units this year;

in 2006, when Liu Yang was vice president of Sheng Xuanming, at an industry conference, she accidentally exchanged cards with people sitting at the same table. A year later, when Liu Yang started financing for 51wan, the first thing she thought of was getting more, so she sent him a text message, but then he had no more news. "So many entrepreneurs, he might have forgotten me."." Liu Yang recalls this in an interview with ChinaVenture.


GREE 2015 decline in performance is the initiative to adjust prices……

‘s life was uneventful before she was 36;

, Dong Mingzhu, all the big guys in the business world,

recently, she’s going to build cars again,

, but you have to admit: she’s really tough,

aren’t you sick of buying my air conditioner,


no matter how you dig her, laugh at her, sing her,

you know, there’s a legend in Chinese business circles:

if someone is still asking questions, he’s definitely an ancient man,


from air conditioning to mobile phones, Dong Mingzhu is not satisfied.

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