How to make a movie station network with dedecms

5 Aug 2017 admin

What about

about dedecms?. Not much. Everyone knows it.

, the following stresses. How do you set up Dede’s movie station?. The plug-in uses the dedecms 5.3 system.

program address: we can add QQ group: 16740826 in the group of hard disk, procedures and data. At the same time, welcome to join the movie station friends.

demo address:

1. puts the files in the directory under the dedecms directory. If you change the directory, put it in the directory that you want.


/plus/player.php play page

/templets/default/player.htm play page template

/dede/templets/film_add.htm add movie template

/dede/film_add.php add movie


/dede/templets/film_edit.htm background edit movie template

/dede/film_edit.php backstage edit movie


2 program needs to add two data tables. And insert a content model record.. Please execute the sql.sql query.



data table prefix is null (Dede for new added content. Model dede_ cannot be replaced with data prefix, and several files need to be modified. Good or not!).


template file needs to be done by itself. As with the article template software template. Default template article_film.htm, list_film.htm, index.htm

, you can put the original software template, the next name, article_soft.htm instead of article_film.htm, the inside of the [field:XXX/] into the corresponding field. Such a movie template will be ready.


list page adds alias, genre, state, tag, English, language, premiere, area,, length, rank, director, star, still fields

correspond to aliases, types, status, tags, English >

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