The school code network makes Google Adsense crazy

5 Aug 2017 admin

talking about school nets, I think it’s a college student. I know it. But to mention the school code network, the number of people should not know it. Simply put, the school code network is to let you can easily find the right home campus decoration code. How does that campus code link up with Google Adsense?

time to return to last year’s summer vacation.

don’t know what time their network is popular, but for the first time on campus, is the last summer vacation, then only know before the above students can easily find the University, but also can easily find many other university students, as a friend, in exchange. After playing for a while, I have some ideas. See many students’ home page is very unique, personality, how are they decorated ah?. After understanding, just know, but is to put a string of code in the graffiti board, you can according to their own requirements, show your favorite style home page. There are millions of users on the campus network. If there is such a station, it’s not fun to provide them with decorative code,


didn’t think so much, just for fun, plus a little desire for achievement, and simply made a web page about the school with another student. After a few days, did not care, Baidu included. See data statistics, scared us a jump, just a page, there are nearly a thousand people visit. Why don’t we make a regular website with more pages? Soon, we’ll do it with CMS. It’s called the school code network. At that time, there may be only two or three such stations in the country.

as the content is updated (mostly from my classmates). In fact, the content is also very simple, all from the campus online group, then the most fire group is the graffiti board secret. ) the number of people in Baidu is more than PV a day, and at most the number is over 100 thousand. Some people will say, more than one hundred thousand and how, put GG advertising, a month also one thousand or two thousand dollars. Maybe other websites are like this, but we don’t stand here. Remember, at most more than 240 dollars a day (IP wasn’t over ten thousand at the time), it scared both of us.

is my topic below. Why is our campus code network Adsense so efficient? Through our practice and observation, we conclude:

1 Google Adsense (hereinafter referred to as GG) code, and your website content integration, the best color and content should be unified. Let GG be included in the content, through practice, we also found that the rectangular GG is easy to click

2, our GG shows English advertisements, because most of the content on our website is code, which is closer to english. As everyone knows, the price of English advertisements is much higher than that of chinese. And most people copy the content of the code as long as they visit our website, so it’s easy to click on the GG in the upper left corner. That time >

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