A successful website is like a successful pursuit of a girl

5 Aug 2017 admin

see this title webmasters may sniff at, think of running a website how to pursue the girl pulls the relationship? This is not pure nonsense? Between the two is really no 10 Fen relationship. In fact, otherwise, the relationship between the two in fact large, you can say that you can successfully catch up with a girl, you can successfully run a web site. What nonsense is nonsense, and listen to the word slowly.

let’s take a look at the results first. What is the result of running a web site? The ultimate goal of running a website is to attract users, and then realize the conversion rate and ultimately realize the profit of the website. Let’s look at the girls in pursuit of what is the result? The pursuit of girls the most successful mode is to turn her into his girlfriend or wife, this is equivalent to our operation of a website to achieve the ultimate profitability, as for later life happiness, we are not discussed here. So, not in other ways, at least in terms of results, the two are very similar.

next, let’s explore how to run a web site like a girl Why do you want to start a business like a girl?

1, running a web site, with the pursuit of a girl, like, first of all, must first determine the goal, popular point is to find which person to be your girlfriend. Of course, there are some principles to follow, and running websites need to follow some rules:

principle 1: goal singularity

there are so many beautiful women in the world, but there is only one woman who can be your wife, and your girlfriend has only one. If you pedal two boats or three ships, sooner or later you will have a problem. A website operator is the same, if you choose the target group too much may be empty, because your time is a limited resource, energy is limited, if the time is assigned to the A, B, C…… Different groups of people, your resources and time will be dispersed, and some groups are not necessarily suitable for your industry, may have nothing to do with your industry, this is tantamount to doing useless work.

: the enlightenment and the pursuit of girls is the same principle, when you take several selected girls and at the same time to pursuit it, in the end is certainly a catch, I also got a dandy. Site operators also select several different sectors of the target group, is definitely not a loyal network of customer groups.

principle two: the choice of goals should be combined with their actual situation,

, just as you pursue girls, look at your qualifications first and see if big girls will catch you. If you are rich handsome, then you can not hesitate to bold pursuit of big beauty bar, if you are cock wire, then suggest you still do not choose goddess at the beginning, because it is usually more likely to be hurt. Operation sites for target groups also stress Mendanghudui, how much is your own strength, can do big things. If your purse is >

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