Would you like to be a network editor

5 Aug 2017 admin

today I feel about doing network editor, do have an editor for 2 years, did not feel what passion, every day is from the huge news to find some worth watching, a little high content value articles get online to share with everyone.

but in this age of information overload, sometimes the difference between "information" and "trash" may be the only difference in terms of address. Under such circumstances, the simple Ctrl+C Ctrl+V is certainly not meet the requirements, after collecting information also need to go through the fine after be released.

the most important thing is to edit the website, the internet article a big copy, edit how to copy it,


so, I feel that doing network editing is actually a combination of two traditional professions:

1. trash sorters, mass information in the huge "garbage" in sorting out that part of a "recycling" value, and cleaning, classification, refers to the raw material can be recycled again become the.

2. restaurant chef, the same raw materials each cook tastes are different (there is also good, and bad) can become a chef is not only a good dish can taste, can form their own unique style of view! < / p>

‘s point of view is attitude, and may not be completely objective and impartial, but it can represent the highest aesthetic standards of most people.

articles without opinions are not good, just like the food without the characteristics, life can be, it is not enjoyment at all.

no view of the media can’t become a respected media, only the news platform as Baidu news that is a news tool (although very good), but will not form its own brand influence.

so, I’m questioning why network editors are so passionate, or are people willing to do it,


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