Baidu’s Five Penalties and solutions for websites

3 Aug 2017 admin

search engine punishment varied, as the Chinese Baidu search is the big boss, I dare not neglect the grassroots webmaster, many people still don’t know enough about his temper, the niche operate on their own personal experience of 126 model essay net about Baidu’s punishment and remedial measures, we hope to help.

1. home sink

in Baidu site your domain name if not home in the first place, can be called home sink.

now to the statement that the home page in Baidu sink is not punished, you will find that it is Sina site hit the bottom, but for the majority of individual owners, home ground is often a signal that Baidu may have hung up.

general in the Baidu home page ranking will not just sink to the bottom when the change of flow will decrease, so it is a signal that the next update you may be punished, then you should take a look at the Baidu search directly in your URL to see if it was still, if the home is not k, should not be punished or more light punishment, if the home page is Baidu K off, you may have a big trouble.

solution: it is recommended that you take home sink check connection, remove unnecessary optimization, such as the accumulation of keywords, hidden text, spam links, bridge page, pop, site structure is complex, the server is not stable, sending spam links and so on, and should engage in original, beginner SEO people are very easy to optimize over, now Baidu are very sensitive to this, please think twice, everything goes too far.

2. pluck


hair is Baidu included pages substantially reduced, of course this is for your original Baidu included page number, the remaining amount should be ranged from the original ten percent to fifty percent, when Baidu depilates generally occurs in the big update, this is one of the possible consequences of said brought home sink.

hair does not fall right refers to Baidu included reducing the page rank but remaining unchanged, the situation is relatively good, the general will continue to you after the page, and keep a certain weight, if you can get rid of suspected cheating, may also be fully recovered, this is called Baidu shuffle, according to the recent observation of Baidu is accelerating pull hair and shuffle, I think this is a signal to eliminate the waste station.

solution: this situation is generally excessive optimization, minor cheating or a large number of copies of other people’s articles, and as far as possible, as far as possible to do the original station, remove excessive optimization part, should be able to handle.

3. pull hair down right

that’s pretty tough. I’m sure I don’t need to explain any more. Everybody knows what that means. This situation occurs, Baidu think you have more serious cheating, so that even after the collection of more pages, but also basically won’t bring any traffic.

solution: in this case, if the garbage station is actually not available, because there is virtually no chance to mention it, such as

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