Take the tourist station as an example pay attention to the main points of data collection and anal

3 Aug 2017 admin

did some work on data collection and analysis of travel websites for a period of time, and thought a lot and learned a lot from it. The latter is the focus of data collection and data analysis, with the former serving the latter. Data analysis is not only important for network promotion personnel, but also important for data researchers and company leaders to control the direction of the company’s development. Although important, but if you take the road to do these work, even if completed the final analysis, will also cost a lot of manpower and time. Because I’ve done it, so share it.

determines collection criteria

I is a collection of various provinces of online travel website TOP5, the conditions here there are tourist sites, online, TOP5, the former two are well defined, in order to determine the TOP5, you must use second points, according to the analysis of the project to determine the point of view is not ranked in the TOP5. This can be extended to other industries to collect data, to determine the hard conditions, to collect their own industry, competitors, and many industries, according to the analysis of the final project and the goal to determine some conditions when collected. Prevents collection of information that is not available at the time of collection.

determine the analysis project

to determine the analysis of the project, the main thing depends on the purpose of our collection and analysis of the data, according to this goal, to determine what conditions can achieve this goal. For example, the quality of a tour site or to go to the top few, and not just to see how the site does, the main depends on the user experience and SEO related data. For example, a travel website, whether it provides users with the necessary services, and is the most satisfactory service, this is very important. SEO aspects of the data to consider, because, even better sites, if in this network based era, others simply can not find it, it is difficult for more people to service. As the saying goes, wine is also afraid of deep alley, can also be used here. For example, tourism website, then analysis of the project: the content of the site nature, website services, website contact information, website basic data. In fact, a website’s profit model, website traffic information is also very important for data analysis.

data collection

data collection and analysis projects are determined, and then the data is collected. If you collect all the websites, the workload will be great. I think it’s better to collect and filter, and pick out a good part for later analysis. If you have a very large collection of sites, it can cause inconvenience to the analysis. After all, the number of sites we want is not as good as possible. It is the ability to get the information we want from these sites. For example, a collection of provinces tourism website, we want to find TOP5, collected web site will not exceed 10, of course, the 10 is based on our website to collect and analyze the condition of screening out the better. Put all the collected websites into Excel>

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