Abandon garbage station return to forum

3 Aug 2017 admin

The station started

a year ago, the first is a single Chongqing forum, in fact do good, with a bunch of friends, and later because people do eye slander novel station IP high, GG more money, I envy the dead, because at that time the forum tube particularly strict, slowly give up the forum, a lot of friends regret, forum plan, team is good, can be continuous forum several times, I did not go to the tube, and ran to the station, do novel station, out of two, then GG policy adjustment, sell, learn from others to do English station, do English station to start a bit slow, got half a year did not come up with what, there are now two garbage station, day 60~80IP, day train update, not what. Began to reflect on their own, or to think station really fell to the ground, a local forum with me almost synchronous, now fire up, IP almost W much, I really regret, regret that I didn’t insist. Now re adjust their direction, or feel like doing a local forum, Chongqing women help www.cqlady8.com originally wanted to buy www.cqlady.com, can contact several times, have not contacted. The motivation for buying rice is to put pressure on yourself to keep going. The forum has been working locally for almost a week and hasn’t reached the space yet.

tell me about this week’s work.

1. Planning section

2. Forum level and integral settings

3. Go to CNWIKE to collect LOGO

4. Register 100 members, leave the former 100ID

5. Post trial

6. Forum appropriate landscaping

7. Forum optimization


station really can not be sustained, if you want to be a real webmaster, want to develop their own career or part-time business then I suggest that we fell to the ground, find a local group, serving them, as long as we can get in return! Chongqing woman to help, let us use the new www.cqlady8.com care for women in Chongqing


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