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3 Aug 2017 admin

in the process of Web site optimization, the choice of keywords is optimized based on a lot of people say that do a keyword optimization not carefully screened with a keyword to do Google optimization, in fact you choose or keywords unreasonable to optimize work greatly hampered, not every word can do Google optimization in fact, you still have the choice of keywords unreasonable optimization greatly hampered, not every word can do search engine optimization. So spend more time in the choice of keywords above, such keywords optimization will have good Google ranking.

here are 6 key points for keyword selection:

1, keywords don’t be too professional

this phenomenon often occurs, for example in Shanghai logistics website to see "Shanghai logistics" of the word, the word does not bring traffic, but many customers search, but the company, or the enterprise itself, the key words to understand what customers will search words.

2, the most popular, not necessarily suitable for their own

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popular keywords is great, however, if there is no correlation between popular keywords and your site or just walking a fine line, the conversion rate is almost no, traffic is wasted. Therefore, the most popular keywords are not necessarily suitable for yourself.

3, concise keywords

to be refined, but do SEO in the choice of keywords, but not just for refining. In choosing keywords, you need to choose some long tail keywords, so the conversion rate will be high, and your competitors will be less.

4 and keywords should be selective

is often the key to get up, without previous investigation and analysis, failed to analyze the key words of competitors.

5, the original keyword

of course we in many ways for innovation, but this is not the original keywords for Google optimization, if only 10 know it, if every day they search, in that case, the daily flow of only 10, and the flow rate and the conversion rate will be more reduced to zero, finally!


6, bring a lot of traffic

a phrase with a double meaning

some keywords have a phrase with a double meaning role, contains two different meanings. This is more confusing, you should choose more precise keywords. If it is through another meaning to bring traffic to their site, so there is no conversion rate.

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