Baidu double night secret

2 Aug 2017 admin

made me a long-awaited, exciting moment finally arrived, I abandoned for a long time k only a home alone more than 10 months of Baidu, finally made a sympathy for me, released second page (see below), the end of the home situation to collect the Regal isolationist, double page night between to write a great deal about a celebration.


my station had been relying on Baidu and Google to bring traffic, the best years, Baidu every day brings the flow about 300-400ip, Google is roughly the same, then the feeling is like looking back on 6000 points in the stock market, but happy! Happiness is always short, hand in a flash point. Had heard of Baidu at K station, especially the poor, small, do not join the PPC, okay, all will give you drop right, K station, sorry no reason, there is no obligation to tell you, depressed, lost over a period of time, also desperately saved over a period of time, every day manual update ten articles, remove bad links, honest management to update the site, once included increased, Baidu crawler day visit, the new update page also appeared, but not more than three days will disappear, leaving only the home finally miserably, as if you stripped back to you left a pants no matter how! Update, no more out of a


the pain will gradually subside as time goes by. I gradually forget what Baidu, no Baidu day is still the same every day. As a result of the website is only their hobbies, interest caused by, but also do not feel much pressure. How many and included the initiative in the hands of others, my worry is useless, besides traffic to come to come back and forth are normal, as the stock market ups and downs, wealth flowing in and out, since the play will be a reason to.

I always believe, such as man, insist the goal, calm, down-to-earth, unremittingly, in order to have the possibility of success. I left Baidu not only to live, but to live better, fortunately, not Baidu abandoned me, but I finally get rid of Baidu, can put more time and energy into the construction site itself up, finally understand the site is not built for the search engine, SEO, website optimization is just the promotion means, at best can be the icing on the cake, expand the site of the audience, if the site is regarded as a waste, when only, the next will never come true, good website to provide quality service, quality content, and always adhere to the content is king is the real king.

Baidu let me lose a lot of IP, but Baidu let me understand a lot of truth, so I thank Baidu. But in this special day when Baidu doubled the night, I still have to say, "Baidu, what are you going to do? Don’t make the poor happy, why do you have to go? I have some business to do anyway,"

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