An old man’s perception the operation of the four types of users will encounter

2 Aug 2017 admin


Author: squirrel, a "APP" operations manager, micro signal: 183174603.

whether it is a social product, or tools, or the traditional site, basically is the user first, the product second. From the traditional Post Bar, Tianya,, later watercress, known, and in recent years the unfamiliar street, the mobile terminal products such as WeChat in the operation will be. Encounter user development and accumulation of the bottleneck, and the Internet has more than enough articles to explain. This time I say that I am on some of my own user operations. (mainly owe brother of the debt too much, let me slowly. -_-||)

according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory (below), each person has to "bottom-up physiological, safety, love and belonging, respect and self realization of" 5 levels of demand, and the demand of people, only low levels are met, will pursue a higher level of demand; and "sharing" behavior is in the "physiological and safety" of the two levels to meet the demand, then pursue the other three showed higher levels of demand of a kind of behavior. The entire Maslow model can be matched in turn, and we run into four types of users, seed users, core users, common users and garbage users.


1 seed user

they are your products at the early stage of seed, is to help people make your products quickly grow. They are employees, relatives and friends, as well as some early adopters. Users will be in your early, not a small force (100 reasons please refer to the online users of millet seeds). This batch of seeds the user contains all the attributes, in the Maslow model, the product will rise, the loss of the majority of people, leaving a small part. The seed users can leave, will become the solid backing of your products in the future, even the core user.

a lot of new operators will feel that seed users where, how few of my products users, and so on. Then we turn to think, you get the seed users did what? You have to use the development of company employees, to the development of 5-10 users every day? For relatives and friends to use? To send ads to micro-blog, WeChat share of your products? Long stationed Post Bar, BBS and so on online community? If not done, that you want to get the seed users, is tantamount to tell some fantastic tales of.

was released before the millet self built in mobile phone, BBS, a weekly iterative MIUI, reached the vertical pull (fancier), mobile phone community to promote their own ROM, which is the cornerstone of the success of.


unfamiliar street even more, the operation team found that sports community men, cock wire more, lonely people more, we can find, >

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